So, there’s always some sort of random event going on in Greenville.   A few weekends ago, we had “Artisphere”.  The description was:

“This artful weekend in downtown Greenville showcases a diverse menu of experiences that center around the arts, both visual and performing, and Greenville’s multicultural offerings to appeal to visitors from around the world, as well as residents throughout the region.”

Whatever.  I’m not really into art, but any excuse to head downtown is a good one, so out we went.

Just our luck, the day we decided to go, it was pouring down rain. Awesome.  Not that I mind a little rain, but it was really coming down.  And because I don’t think ahead, I had jeans on, so by the time we left, my legs were soaked up to my knees.

Still, it was pretty interesting.  Here’s some of the highlights:

Statue lady!

First, the statue girl.  This kind of creeped me out, especially since she was standing out there in the rain.  But overall, this sort of thing is very impressive since there’s no way that can be comfortable.

The glassblower!

This was pretty cool.  I have no idea what this guy was making, but glassblowing has got to be one of the coolest professions on this earth.

Mostly the booths were oil paintings, photography, and other miscellaneous art that was pretty neat, but nothing I needed to buy.  We also got to enjoy some tasty Belgian frites, courtesy of the Trappe Door.


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