First Post and Family Vacation!

My first post! I’d been meaning to start a blog to make some sense of the random thing I get up to in my spare time. I need some focus.

Seriously, focus

Must pay attention to where I’m going instead of taking pictures…

About a month ago, my family came all the way down from Indiana to visit, and from there, we headed off to Seabrook Island in Charleston for a relaxing vacation!  It was fabulous.


Sunset Island, yea?

Even though I had to work a little bit during the trip (darn you, end of month work), we had a great time.  I even dragged myself out on a couple runs (even a 10-miler!) with my dad, who is clearly faster than me.
We managed to get out to downtown Charleston one day, since my family hadn’t been yet. We explored the downtown pretty thoroughly and took a boat trip out to Fort Sumter, which was super cool.  I’m into that history stuff.

At least, what’s left of it….

I’m pretty sure I read like 15 books during this trip. so overall, I’d say it was pretty productive!

Also, frogs.


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