Greek Festival

Obviously, I love food.  Basically anything, but Greek food is definitely up there on the list.  So, I managed to sucker a few of my friends into heading downtown again to the Greek Festival.  It was a fundraiser for the church as well, which was a bonus since supporting the local church in the name of eating is great!

The Greek Cathedral. I didn’t even know this was here!

So we wandered around for a few hours, enjoying beer, food, random greek dancing, and music.

A blurry picture of the gyro I stuffed into my face. It was awesome

I didn’t get any pictures of the deserts we ate because they were so good, there was no way I was going to stop to take a picture.  They made a baklava sundae, which was basically ice cream with some warm baklava topping all over it and some of those little donut things (I can’t remember the name of them).  Yum.

I had some Greek beer as well. It was a little disappointing…a bit watery, so not to my taste, but oh well.


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