Thank Goodness for the Long Weekend?

Or not…since I have to work on Monday. Big Bummer. On the plus side, at least I won’t be working working. We’re going on a “team bonding” trip to watch an Atlanta Braves game.  So while I won’t be doing what I really want to do (running, going to a cookout, or sleeping), at least it won’t be terrible.

Speaking of running, I’d been having some really bad shin splints starting early last week.  Long story short, I ended up going to physical therapy last week and he basically told me that it wasn’t a huge deal, but that I needed to not run again until I see him again. Next Wednesday.

So of course, the moment he says that, I MUST RUN. It’s been so hard! Luckily, he said that anything else was ok, provided it didn’t hurt.  I think his intention was that I rest for the week, but rest is boring!  Since I’m a bit of a group fitness class addict, I had plenty to do this week. My gym has a bazillion (or so) class options to go to including a whole line of those Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Combat, etc, etc.) And since none of them are excruciatingly difficult, I can usually double (or triple) up classes to fill up time.

So, my schedule for the week.

Sunday: Body Attack, Body Pump  (I planned on swimming, but the pool was crowded)

Monday: Short 3 mi run, Went to PT (told me I shouldn’t run), Body Pump

Tuesday: Swam about 3000 yds, Body Combat, Body Pump

Wednesday: Had a work meeting run really late, so I missed the swim I had planned. Book Club tonight!

Thursday: Body Pump, Body Attack, Spin (This was the 45 min spin instead of a long one)

Friday: Body Combat, Swim about 3000 yds, Body Pump

Saturday: Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, then we rode bikes about 18 miles for lunch

Here was lunch:

Cuban Sandwich with Apple Gorgonzola Slaw

It was really outstanding.  We had some ice cream too, but seriously, I felt that it was well deserved.

Of course, my next task was to prepare for my next meal, right?  I found this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago that I wanted to try for a Goat Cheese and Shrimp Pasta.  I know not everyone loves goat cheese since it has a very different flavor, but I love it.

Here's my mess

It kinda looks gross, but it turned out to be really tasty. I did make a few modifications, though.  I thought it needed more cheese, so I put a few more ounces of goat cheese in it.  Also, I had some salmon fillet laying around, so i threw that in there too. I also tried quinoa pasta for the first time, but I guess I couldn’t taste any difference with all the goodies on it.

The result of the mess

Also, I found this recipe for some skinny mashed potatoes made out of cauliflower. I don’t really love cauliflower, but I was feeling adventurous, so…

I made a few changes to this one too.  I used orange cauliflower, just because that’s what they had a Whole Foods.  It also needed more cream cheese =)

I made some funfetti cupcakes too, just because:

yay cupcakes!

Then I chilled out for a while with my favorite local beer, Son of a Peach, brewed right here in South Carolina!  I had a friend text me to go out, but I was so tired, I passed out on my couch watching Psych before I could go.

Sunday was a pretty great day too.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to church today! Did I mention that I love my church?  It was awesome.  We had a guest speaker today who is a Chinese-Austrailian guy and he absolutely cracks me up.  The message was about remembering that the best is yet to come =)

Then I went out to the pool for a while and headed to the gym for some good times.


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One Response to Thank Goodness for the Long Weekend?

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    Atlanta Braves game… I am jealous they are my team… I hope they win and you have fun 🙂

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