June in Review! Part 1

Wow, it’s been a month! I’ve been so busy, I couldn’t even stop to write a bit.  Finally, it’s the week of the 4th (a holiday I actually get off), and I’m ready to sit down and take a breather.  I’ve actually pretty much got the rest of the week off because I worked all last week and through the weekend, and now I don’t have to take vacation days, yay!  It’s been pretty awesome having weekdays off. I don’t know what to do with my days!

Anyways, since June was crazy, here are some pics from the month that I randomly took.

Memorial Day!


Memorial Day Baseball in Atlanta!

Since the boss was paying, we got great seats =)

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but this was a pretty good day.  We got to Atlanta a little early so we us girls dragged all the men to the mall.  That didn’t last very long.  We headed to Roaster’s for lunch because one of my coworkers insisted that it had the best cornbread she’d ever had in her life.  Then she told us she was pregnant when she had it so we were all pretty skeptical at that point!

But we went…and it really was outstanding cornbread. I ate alot of it.  If you’re ever in Atlanta, I would highly recommend this place!  The sides were so-so, but the rotisserie chicken and cornbread were great, so it was worth it.  And it’s in that fancy Buckhead neighborhood, so we got to see all the expensive houses and such.

It wasn’t too hot that day, but enough that I was sweating pretty bad the whole time (yuck, I know).  I put suncreen on, but I obviously missed a spot because there was a strip about an inch wide on my chest that my swimsuit would normally cover that got super burnt! Ouch.

Next, graduation!

Back in old NHS

I didn’t take alot of pictures here because my phone died before it even started. Luckily my dad took about a million pictures, so we’re pretty much set.  Obviously, the actual graduation was totally long and boring. We didn’t eat dinner before because we were hoping we might go out afterwards, but we didn’t leave until about 9pm.  By that point…my dad and I were STARVING!  So we stopped at the store to grab some quesadilla fixins for a dinner/late night snack.

The next day we had the obligatory graduation open house/party.  Apparently not everyone does this because people at work wanted to know what it was.  Basically, you have tons of food and lots of pictures/high school memorabilia and everyone comes to your house and eats your food.  I didn’t take any pictures here either because I was too busy stuffing my face the entire day.  Ooops.  It was totally worth it, though.  I couldn’t take any with me since I flew home, so I had to enjoy while I could.

Luckily, I finally got to run again!

Looking all sweaty-like

While I was home I went running in some of my favorite Indiana spots! I had just come off a week of not being allowed to run because of my shin splints, so I was so happy.  I felt better and pretty strong.  And it helped that Indiana is flat so no hills.  Oh, and also, it was like 60 degrees and rainy all weekend, so maybe not great for graduation, but good for running!  The only bad part about the whole weekend was that one of my work friends was getting married in Charleston, SC that weekend, so I had to miss it. Bummer.

Covered Bridge!

Nice and Flat and Cold

To be continued!


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