June in Review! Part 2

Wow, that was only the first week of June! 4 weeks left!  They were a little less eventful, but definitely busy.

I really kept busy with workout out, all the time.  Now that I’d been released to run, it was time to get into building mileage for my fall marathon!

The next weekend, I had a race planned with one of my friends.  I hadn’t planned to be slightly out of shape from not running.

This was a great run, though!  It was an 8K distance, which I’ve never specifically run before, but it was a good distance.  More than a 5K, which always feels too short, but less than a 10K, which destroys me every time.  It was a good, relatively flat course and the weather was very nice.  We finished in 49:50 (according to the watch), which for me, is very good.  Especially considering I hadn’t run that long in at least a month.

We also went to Shakespeare in the Park later that night.  The play was “Much Ado About Nothing”, which is one of my favorites.

This is one of the reasons why I love Greenville!

The next weekend, I didn’t originally have anything planned outside of working out, but one of my friends called to have a birthday gathering/pool party.  So after my Saturday morning gym adventure, I headed over to her place.  We ate SO much.  It was mostly healthy fruits and vegetables, but there were muffins and caprese salad stuff and these little roast beef sandwhiches that we made that were amazing.  Then we watched some of the movie based on Janette Oke called Love Comes Softly.  It was so cheesy, but Katherine Heigl was in it!  Then I realized I was exhaused and went home to sleep.

Another week brutal week passed…with 2 very pitiful runs.  I tried to run after work, but I was really struggling with the heat and I could barely run a mile without having to stop and walk.  It was really awful, but luckily we had a good weekend planned.  One of my friends from high school was getting married in downtown Charleston.  So Friday night I headed down to Colombia to meet up with my other friend from high school (weird, right? 3 high school friends moved to the same state) and her husband.  They were great hosts and invited me over for dinner at their neighbor’s house.  They made some salsa-quinoa stuffed peppers and it was really outstanding.  Then we drank some random wine and played board games until we were tired.

I went running in their neighborhood the next morning and it was a little better than my last few runs, but I was still really hurting.  Then we packed up and headed to the beach!  It was a beautiful day!  A little hot, so we spent some time swimming around in the ocean.  Then we headed to our hotels to get ready!

Our Table!

The wedding was beautiful and the dinner was super good.  I tried a little of everything and then ate cheesecake AND wedding cake.  Oh well. Again. Obviously I don’t have a ton of self control.

Before everyone showed up

This past weekend, I did my long run and everything, but spent most of the rest of the weekend working.  It kind of worked out because, like the rest of the country, it was hellishly hot here!


So, I did my long run (7 miles) at like 6 in the morning on Saturday.  It was the first run in a while that I really felt good.  What a relief.  I had read my devotional the day of my worst run last week and it basically told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and depend on God.  So I told Him I trusted Him and kept on truckin.  God always has a plan, even it it doesn’t always make sense at the time!  He always has our best interests at heart!


And that was June!


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