New Kicks!

Today has been a great day!  Obviously, I’m excited to finally have a day off after a very long, very busy work week.  I never get weekdays off, so this has been really great.  I was able to get through all my errands quickly because I didn’t have to deal with the normal weekend traffic. Yay!

Anyways, I haven’t been really happy in my running shoes, so after my run this morning (3.5 miles), I headed over to our specialty running store (Run In) to check out some new shoes.  Here are my current running shoes:

I’ve been running in this shoe type for a few years, though I only since last summer have I been running significant amounts.  These are Nike Lunarglides, and they’re pretty nice.  I have narrow feet, so alot of shoes that most runners wear (Brooks, Saucony, etc) don’t fit me well because they are too wide.  Nike shoes have a very narrow fit, which is why I chose them initially.  But recently, they just haven’t felt great to run in, and I’ve been having problems with blisters on my pinky toes.

I tried on a bunch of different shoes, mostly having problems with the width of the shoes.  I  tried on a different Nike shoe that was comfortable, but very heavy.

Then I tried on these bad boys:

yea, they’re purple

Wow, these are comfortable!  They have a good narrow fit through the foot, but lots of toe space.  They’re also very light and breathable.  I could feel the air flowing to my toes! I knew I had to have them, even though they were purple.  The shoe is a Mizuno Wave Elixir 7.  I’m excited to try them out tomorrow morning =)

Here’s another piece of new running gear for me:


This is a Forerunner 110.  It doesn’t have as much functionality as some of the other Garmin watches, but it’s small and lightweight and generally much cuter!  It definitely wouldn’t be for everyone, but since I’m not doing alot of speed work (outside of a track), it’s suits my purposes really well.  I just couldn’t see myself running with one of those big bulky Garmins.  I *hate* carrying extra stuff when I’m running.

Anyways, I’m off to the gym, but I’ll have some food for tomorrow cooked up later tonight!


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