July 4th Cooking!

After returning from the gym (Body Pump and Body Attack combo, whew), I came home to finish off my cooking for tomorrow.  I’m headed to a friends house where we will lay out at the pool for most of the day and do nothing.  Then we will attempt to grill.

We figured hamburgers were simple enough, so hopefully we won’t starve, but just in case we have some back up food.  Potato Salad, chopped up veggies, and of course, pie.

Also, sangria!

Don’t mind all the random cords in the background

I had to taste test it.  It was a little too sweet, but it’s pretty good. Check it out here.

I also made breakfast:

Before the taste test

Blueberry baked oatmeal! I love oatmeal, and I love breakfast, but since I usually leave for before 6 AM, I don’t usually get a good breakfast. I just grab something as I’m running out the door before the sun comes up.  This is a really good, easy recipe.  Mine almost looks as pretty as the picture!  Oh, and I doubled the recipe.  The single didn’t look like it was going to be enough food.  You know what would be good in this recipe? Chocolate chips.

I got this weird blue casserole dish, though.  Somewhere along the way in college, it showed up in my dishes, and none of my roommates owned up to it…so now it’s mine!

Next, the pie!  This recipe is not of my own, but I can’t tell you where it came from.  Maybe a magazine. I’ve had it for years.  The first time we made it, I was at my Grandma’s house in Florida…and she moved away from there at least 6 years ago. So I’ve got it on a recipe card, but if anyone can find the original, I can give credit where it’s due.

Here’s the fixins:

Didn’t I just clean this kitchen?

And the finished product:

This is a really easy recipe, but you have to think ahead if you want to make it because it’s Jello and it has to set….twice. Yea, it’s full of sugar. Whatever. Mine looks a little funky because I tried to pour it into the crust too soon.

Here’s the recipe:

Confetti Pie
By: Unknown?

1 pkg Lemon Jello 
1 c boiling water
1/2 c cold water
1 pkg Orange Jello
1 c boiling water
1/2 c orange juice
1/3 c sprinkles (rainbow is best)
2 c Cool Whip
1 9-in graham pie crust
Make lemon Jello, let set (at least 4 hrs) and cut into 1/2 in pieces
Make orange Jello, substitute orange juice for water. Leave in mixing bowl.
Refrigerate orange jello for about 20 mins, then fold in the Cool Whip
Stir in Lemon Jelly cubes and sprinkles.
Refrigerate mixture until you can mound it (about 4 hrs)
Pile mixture into crust
Refrigerate before eating

Have a happy 4th, everyone!


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