The Lion King!

I’ve had this on my calender for months!  A friend called me around spring break time (so April) asking if I wanted to see the Lion King musical in Greenville.  OF COURSE!  The Lion King is my absolute FAVORITE Disney movie, and I’d heard great things about the musical, but never saw it.  So, I finally got to see it.

Just one remark really….it was awesome!  It was just such a fun show and the costumes were amazing. I *loved* it.

We had dinner at a place called The Lazy Goat before the show, which was yummy, as usual.  I guess it’s kind of a Mediterranean style place, but I’m not really sure.  Every time I go there, I have to get the fried goat cheese (which is covered in honey and delicious things).

We took some pictures before the show too =)

Our very diverse group with Simba and Nala!

Me with Rafiki! This is obviously the best character

We took a bunch of really dumb pictures with the posters before heading inside.

Our seats were really good too! We had first balcony, front row, right in the middle of the stage, so we could really see everything!  It was great.

Then I went home and collapsed into bed because I was exhausted and I still needed to run on Sunday (my run was pitiful, but at least I went!)

Have a Merry Monday!


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