Back with lots of good cooking!

Wow, I’ve been so busy, I have so much cooking deliciousness to catch up on!  Also, running activities, but that will have to come later!

Last weekend, I had some friends and family come visit and it was just nonstop! I’ve been so exhausted, I just needed to catch up on sleep, but the Olympics are on! It’s totally messed me up.  Now that the swimming is over, I can sit and blog and watch everything that I skipped to watch the swimming events.

Oh, let’s talk about the swimming! Since I swam competitively for 12 years, I get pretty excited about Olympic swimming.  It’s just so impressive! It kinda makes me feel insufficient =)  I turn into a total basket-case when basically anyone wins (especially the women, because they always look so much happier than the men).  When Missy Franklin won the 200 back (and got a WR), I just bawled! I couldn’t help myself.  She’s just adorable.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been cooking up lately:


This dish I found using StumbleUpon like forever ago (well, it was in college).  It’s, um, super delicious.  The recipe calls for heavy cream, but I usually substitute half-and-half so it won’t be quite as bad for you.  I think whole milk would probably work too, but anything less might be too watery.  I also substituted quinoa (2 cups uncooked) this time for the bowtie pasta because I had some laying around.  The quinoa was good, but I think I prefer the pasta.

Next up: Chicken and Broccoli


This is a crock-pot recipe, but I had some pre-cooked chicken, so I made it in my trusty skillet. It’s definitely the most-used tool in my kitchen. Pretty tasty.  I had the sour cream in my fridge from something I made a few weeks ago and I had stuck it in the back…and it froze! Ooops.

On to…Quinoa Black Bean Casserole


Oh yes.  This was a home-run meal.  The sweet potatoes in it really make the dish.  So it’s like a sweet and spicy dish.  Yum.  I added onions to the mixture and for the salsa, I got pineapple, because it’s my favorite.  I think the salsa made it even better because it enhanced the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.  I would definitely make this again.

I also made this Lentil Soup.  I didn’t take a picture, but that’s ok, because I didn’t love it.  I kept having to add spices to it to give it more flavor.  Also, I don’t love lentils, but they’re healthy, so you should eat them!

For dessert: Cake!

This was a good one too.  I overbaked it a little bit, but it was still really tasty and super duper easy.


That’s all for now!



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