August Blogger Challenge!

I’m pretty new to blogging so I’m still looking for ideas on things to write about.  I stumbled upon this challenge while browsing some other folks’ blogs, so I decided to jump right in! I’m a few days late, so I’ll just start in with day 6.


But first!  A few fitness things, since I’ve not posted about that in a while.  Still pushing on with the marathon training!  Ran 12.25 miles on Sunday, and it was definitely one of my better long runs in a while.  I think I might *finally* be getting used to the heat, because I ran it around my last half-marathon pace, which was in April. So I felt pretty good about it.  I tried to go to Body Attack later, but for some weird reason, my stomach decided to act up, so I had to do alot of the low impact options so I wouldn’t show everyone my lunch. Gross.

Today, after work, I raced to the pool because I really wanted to get a swim in and it was going to storm later on.  I got in a pretty good swim:














<- I’m a super slow puller


IM Order




Fast Free




Easy Swim    



This was in the 50 m pool, so the intervals are a little slower than I might usually swim.  I threw in the last 2 200s because I wanted to get to 3000 m, but I was tight for time since I wanted to go to Body Pump.  Good timing too, because the moment I walked outside to my car, it started pouring!  So I hustled off to the gym, and enjoyed Body Pump, as usual.

Then I came home and had this tasty sandwhich:


Onto the challenge!

The theme for the day is “Highs and Lows from the Past Year”.

I feel like I can think of way more highs that lows this year.  It’s been pretty great.

Highs: I got a promotion, after only a little more than a year with my company, so that was great. I did the Disney Princess Half Marathon and got to go to Harry Potter World for the first time! I moved into my first apartment and made a lot of new friends here in SC! I did 2 half-marathons, 3 sprint triathlons, and numerous other short runs, so I think I can say I’ve officially been converted from a swimmer to a runner!  I also learned the joy of group fitness in the last year, yay! I’ve been very blessed.

Lows: This has really been a good last 12 months for me!  There are always some down days, like when I feel super bummed because I’m single or whatever, but most of the time, I really love it because my time is all mine!  I did gain 20 lbs during the holiday season of 2011, so that kinda sucked.  I felt really bad about myself, but then I was able to kick it in and lose it all by the time I ran my half marathon in April! Oh, also, I pulled a rib muscle after Thanksgiving because I had a super-cold or something. That is very painful.


Any highs and lows that the masses want to share?


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