Day 7: Breaking Past Plateaus!

This is a great topic, because I’ve totally been there.  Now, keep in mind, I am not at all a fitness or nutrition professional.  I’m an engineer.  So if you’re looking for an expert in reaction kinetics or calculus, I’m your girl.  But heath? Not so much.  That being said, I did swim competitively for a looooonng time, so I know how it feels to reach a performance plateau.

First: Give yourself a break! You’re feeling bummed out because you feel like your not making any progress and you’re probably beating yourself up over it. Cut that out! Step back, take a few days (or weeks, whatever) and relax a little.  Do something just for fun. Sleep in!  Don’t overdo it, but you really may just need to rest a bit (mentally and physically)

Second: Rethink your plan.  If you’ve reached a plateau, it means your original plan isn’t working (duh).  So try something new! Add a new type of cross training.  Try a new class.  Find some new interval workouts.  Or maybe just a change of scenery!  Sometimes going running (swimming, biking, eating) somewhere you don’t usually go can really change your perspective.  You also may just need to amp things up a little!  What worked for a 2:30 half marathon will not work for a sub 2 hour!  If you’ve been losing weight, your body has changed, and so has its needs.

Third: Get back at it! You can do it! I believe in you! =)


Also, I had a physical today…and I’m healthy, hooray!  I got to sleep in a bit because I was going to head out for a run this morning, but then a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in, so I went back to sleep and did 4 (horrible) miles on the treadmill.  I went to Body Attack after work, which was so much more fun than running on the treadmill (my worst enemy).

Since I feel weird not having a picture, here’s a  picture from the Hope Relay that I did last November!  If you’re in the area, sign up! It’s for a great cause and it was a blast!



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