Day 11 and other things

I’m a total fail at this challenge thing.  I’m just too tired to blog every day!  Oh well.  I’ll just fit in as much as I can.

Today’s topic is my favorite junk food, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

First, my weekend!

oh, beachy, beachness

Yea, I love the beach.  I headed to meet my friends from high school (weird, since we’re from Indiana) this weekend and we ended up here at the Isle of Palms near Charleston.  It was just lovely.  We chatted, played in the ocean, and napped.  I hadn’t had a rest day in a while so I felt it was needed and well deserved and it was awesome!  It was a really nice day (for August), though the breeze was a bit much and I got covered in sand.  I headed back Saturday night to prepare for my long run today. WOO HOO!

I really psyched myself up for this run because it’s my first official longest run EVER!  Obviously every run from here on out will be my longest, but I though my first was somewhat momentous.  I ended up at 14.25 miles today, and they were great!  I think this was the first long run that I really felt good about and I beat my PR for the half marathon (2:32 to 2:28, so not huge, but still)…then kept running.  I really enjoyed the feeling of running well since I really do want to improve but I felt like the oppressive heat and humidity was really dragging me down.  I was so full of energy that after I got home, I cleaned my apartment, got groceries, and did Body Attack AND Body Pump in the afternoon.

Now, I’m tired. =)

On to the food!

Here’s a veggie bowl I munched on earlier this week:

In the bowl:

1 baby cucumber
1 tomato
1 avocado
Some chopped red bell peppers
1/2 c cooked qunioa (that I had leftover from last week’s cooking)
Splash of basalmic vinegar dressing

I also made some cake!

The final product

The cake:

  • Box cake mix (I cheated)
  • Substituted applesauce for oil
  • Substituted strong coffee for water

The frosting is kind of a crapshoot, but the gist is:

  • Less Crisco
  • More powdered sugar
  • Some cocoa

I just add different ingredients until I get the consistency I want.  It’s more or less buttercream frosting, but I prefer crisco because I think butter is too rich.  It’s still not healthy =)  I like the coffee in the cake; it gives it a little more flavor and the applesauce just makes it a little less bad for you.


So, to talk about my favorite junk food.  I struggle with this, because I’ve really managed to give up a lot of different junk foods (fast food, Starbucks, most chips, most candy).  I still get AWFUL TERRIBLE chocolate cravings….like every day.  If I resist, it doesn’t go away.  It just carries into the next day until I finally give in, and then I get a reprieve for maybe 8 hours and it kicks back up.  I love chocolate things in all forms, but my lastest craving is the 5-minute mug brownie. It’s so easy, it kills me.

Also, Swedish Fish.

Swedish Fish


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