Day 18 (I skipped a few)

Made it to the weekend! Thank goodness.  Here’s my week in review:

Monday: Work, duh.  Had a really great, productive day!  Went for a swim to recover from my long run, here it is:


This is just the base practice that I made up (Total 3600 m).  I switched up the main set with stroke, IM work, and some kick and pull to get some variety.  Then I hustled off to the gym to get to Body Pump

Tuesday: It’s finally cooled off enough to run outside after work (and by cool, I mean less than 90).  So I headed out for a 5 mile run and did Body Pump and Body Attack later.

Wednesday: For whatever reason, I was super wiped out, so I did Combat and Pump and collapsed into bed.

Thursday:  Ran at lunchtime (4.5 miles) on the hiking trail on the Michelin campus.  It was a nice change of scenery =) I’ll have to get a picture next time. Pump and Attack later

Friday: Did Body Pump.  Apparently it’s restaurant week, so Greenville has it’s own Foodie Fest thing.  So I made plans with a friend to have dinner at one of these (super fancy) places! We ended up getting a reservation at Breakwater.  I neglected to take any pictures at this dinner, but oh well.  It was great.  I had a salad, Ratatouille, and berries and cream for dessert.  Also, we split a bottle of wine, which may have been a poor choice since we were both feeling it this morning =)

The Michelin sponsored 5K was this morning.  I was originally not going to do it because I’m scheduled to do a 15 mile long run this weekend, and I was hoping to do it this morning instead of Sunday like I’ve usually been doing.  But pretty much everyone I work with was doing it, so I got peer pressured into it. It’s a corporate shield event, so they’re usually pretty fun to go to (and a little competitive).

Good Morning to Everyone!

Looks like a nice morning!  It was a little humid, but nice and cool.

Here’s some work people before the race:


Maybe not a great shot =)  I ran with my friend who is usually faster than me, so I was determined to keep up with her and beat my time from last year (31:30)


And I did it! A PR for me!  I’m really proud of myself because I really want to improve since I feel like I’m so slow, so it’s nice to see all that hard work paying off!

So, the day 18 topic is the proudest moment of my life.  That’s a tough one for me, since I’m not married and don’t have any kids or anything like that.  I really think it was probably the day I turned in my senior design project in college.  The chemical engineering (at Rose) senior design project is meant to take the entire 10 week trimester, with the option of doing a AICHe contest and turning it in at 4 weeks.  My team and I decided to do the 4 week option and it was 4 weeks of hell.  Seriously, we worked on that thing ALL THE TIME.  But 4 weeks later, we turned that thing in.  And it was the best feeling in the world, knowing that we were basically done with college at the point. Whew.

I think once I finish my first marathon…that will definitely be the thing I’m most proud of.

I’ve got a pretty crazy day planned, so I’m gonna get to it!


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