The Great Greenville Race!

What a whirlwind weekend!  I’m finishing up my cooking for the week while I’m writing this, so I’ll have to have another post for what I’m creating today =)

Yesterday, after my lovely performance at the Michelin 5K, I made plans with a friend to meet at noon and headed to the gym to do Body Attack.  Felt great!

So, a Lululemon store just opened in Greenville! I’m surprised there wasn’t already one around because there’s such a big running/tri/swim/bike/athletic community in Greenville.  Also, downtown is super cute, so it’s a great place for a store.  Anyways, it’s open now, and for locals, it’s right behind Chicora Alley off Main street.

Aren’t the bags just adorable!

We were the only ones in the store when we got there but the girls running the store were really friendly and helpful.  The store is only a showroom, which apparently means it will eventually develop into a full store, but right now they have limited products and sizes.  But they had the basics, like the speed shorts, running/yoga tops and sports bras.  I’m pretty sure we tried on almost everything in the store, so we had a good time.  While we were trying everything on, a couple guys came into the store and they were just ridiculously hilarious, doing handstands on the yoga mats and joking around.  I wasn’t planning on spending that much, but the clothes are just SO nice!  So I bought a few basics:

I bought a sports bra as well

I have to say, I knew I was going to buy that tank top as soon as I put it on.  It is awesome.

On to the race!  I bought a LivingSocial deal a few months ago, so this has been on the calendar for a while.  The Great Greenville Race was described as a local Amazing Race style fun time!  It was totally fun.

I got with my partner (my running buddy) and we headed downtown (again) to meet at Coffee Underground for the start up the race.  I’m not going to ruin anything, but we basically ran around Greenville (on foot, literally running) for a few hours, looking for things and finding places.  Here’s some pictures from our adventure!

Us with the pig! Apparently this is an Italian sculpture?


One of the downtown mice.

Puzzling Away!

Quotes on Main

We had a great time.  The last stop on the race was a cute little tea place called O-Cha.  I run by it at least once a week (on my long run), but I’d never stopped there before, but they gave us a sample on our way to the finish line.  We liked it so much, that we went back to the store on our way back to my car to get some more. =)


Their specialty is “bubble tea”, which is basically flavored iced tea with these little pearl gummy things in it.

The purple things in the bottom are the pearls

Delicious.  I had the passionfruit flavor and running buddy got grape.  They had this super cool machine that put the plastic lid on the cup so we wouldn’t spill it everywhere.  I’ll definitely go back.

Overall a great day!





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