Day 23 and Lululemon Running Club!

Hey everyone!   It’s Thursday, and that means tomorrow is Friday (yea, I’m as smart as Rebecca Black).

First, I’ll give a recap of my workouts from the last few days.

Monday: Body Combat, Body Pump

Tuesday: Run 4.5 miles at lunch (with 5 20 s sprints in the middle), Body Pump, Body Attack

Wednesday: I was so wiped out from Tuesday, I just headed to the pool.  Here’s the workout I did.


Today! (Thursday): The local Lululemon store is started their running club! I was really excited about this because I see alot of other blogger with local stores that have running and yoga clubs and such and I’m super jealous.  They’ve already had a few yoga days, but I’m not much into yoga.  Today, they had a 3 mile and a 6 mile option, so I dragged one of my friends out to the store to do the 6 miler =)

Here we are!


It was a small group, but everyone was really friendly and we had a great run.  I will definitely go back!  I think it will be a great way to meet other runners, and of course a temptation to buy more clothes!  I tried out my speed shorts that I bought last weekend and they fit great!  Very comfortable.

So, day 23 topic is the best thing that happened to me this week.  That’s an easy one this time.  I got asked out on a date! Hooray!

Anything great happen to anyone this week?


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