Day 28: Cardio or Strength?

So, the question of the day is am I a Cardio junkie or a Strength junkie?

Here’s the thing.

I know strength training is important.  I know plenty of exercises to do since we did it when I was on the swim team.  But I won’t do it on my own.  No motivation there.  The only way this girl is strength training is if I have a partner or if I’m in BodyPump.  Love me some BodyPump.  It’s great for me since it has good music, easy choreography, and motivation since I totally want to lift more than the instructor.  It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me.

So cardio.  I could do cardio ALL DAY LONG!  I love it.  Swimming is cardio, running is cardio, Combat, Attack, Step, everything!   I don’t feel like I need a buddy to jump in the pool or head out for a run, I just do it.  And it’s so relaxing for me.  Wearing myself out in Combat is such a stress relief.  Getting my butt kicked in Attack is so satisfying.   Finishing a 16 mile run? I feel awesome.  I try to balance by making sure I get to Body Pump as often as I can and doing pushups and planks after runs.

Last cooking of the week!

Baked Ravioli

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I wanted a pasta dish, and this looked easy and tasty.  The only change I made was that I added a half an onion to the sauce.  It needed onion.

I also, roasted some carrots and sweet potatoes in olive oil and sea salt:

And baked some tofu for an easy snack.


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One Response to Day 28: Cardio or Strength?

  1. Yes, I am catching up on the August blogger challenges…even though it’s September…And, OOOOHHHHH how I want that pasta dish in the pic!!!!


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