Day 29 and being tired

Hey all!

I’ve just been totally exhausted all week.  I’m not totally sure what it’s all about, but at this point I’m thinking it’s just my body telling me to slow down for a bit.  So I’ve been really taking it easy this week and mentally preparing myself for my 18 mile run this weekend.

Still, bleh.  I haven’t been able to get anything done at work because I’m so tired.  I really could use a day off.  Normally, I wouldn’t get Labor Day off, but I’m thinking about asking my boss for the day off or maybe half the day to get my head back on straight.

Also, I got my compression sleeves in!


I prefer the sleeves because:

1) They’re cheaper and..

2) I like my toes free.  It’s weird, but whatever.

Day 29’s topic is whether I work out at home or at the gym.  Anyone who has read any of my other posts knows that I am totally obsessed with group fitness (especially Les Mills).  I have ZERO motivation to work out at home. I mean, I could be taking a nap or something.  There’s just something about being at home that tells my body it’s time to rest.

Is anyone out there as crazy as I am about group fitness?

Probably not =)


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6 Responses to Day 29 and being tired

  1. Corey says:

    I LOVE Les Mills Classes! Especially Body Attack. Unfortunately I switched gyms a little while back so I could have access to a better swimming program and I had to give up all my Les Mills access 😦

    • body attack is definitely my favorite! It’s a bummer that the gym has terrible pool facilities, but since I’m kind of off swimming right now, I can deal =)

      • Corey says:

        Are you a member at Five Forks SportsClub too? I used to swim there when I was a member. Its better than the Greenville location….but then again if you aren’t swimming right now – it may not matter!

        • I actually have a member to all 3 sportsclub locations (my work pays for it, yay!). It’s not too bad, but it’s always super crowded and there’s not very many lanes. Usually if I want to swim, I just spend the money and go to the Westside pool.

  2. RJ says:

    You have cute toes. they deserve to be free 😉

  3. Erin says:

    I too LOVE BodyAttack…so much so, i’m becoming an instructor! I also love CXWorx and i’m trying to get into Pump – i definitely need to start building some strength!

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