My Favorite Place to Workout

Right here:

Obviously, I spend a lot of time here, since I’m going to classes all the time.  It’s a great gym.  But I run too.  My favorite place to run?

Yea, this would be it.  But seriously, I run all over Greenville.  I don’t share alot of places I run for safety reasons since I run by myself often, but I mix it up a lot.  I have a place that I would call my “favorite”, but it’s a pain to get there, so I don’t get to go there much.  My favorite place in Greenville to swim is here:

Westside Aquatic

Apparently, this pool used to be super nasty, but they remodeled it last year, and now it’s really nice.

I have a muffin to share with you today!

Apparently, I can’t take pictures.  I take them all with my phone because I’m lazy and it’s easy, but they’re not usually this bad.

This is a Honey Pumpkin Muffin from PBF, again. She’s had some great recipes lately!  These were really good and I was actually able to follow the recipe for this one.  I think I could have left them in the oven just a little bit longer, though.

Woot!  Also, I survived my work trip (barely).  Alot of people get to travel to cool places for work: New York, LA, Paris…we go to Dothan, Alabama.  Does anyone even know where that is?  Oh well, at least we travel in style:


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5 Responses to My Favorite Place to Workout

  1. gahhh I need to participate in a Disney race so I can run in the happiest place on earth!

  2. Jill says:

    Magic Kingdom cannot be beat for running. The first time I ran through Cinderella’s Castle I cried like a baby…what a dork!

  3. Honey pumpkin muffins sound delish!!

  4. BGRuns says:

    Dothan, Al, also know as UCLA…Upper Corner, Lower Alabama. Used to live in Ft Walton Beach nearby. Nice jet though.

  5. Corey says:

    On a private jet??? SA-Weeet!

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