How Many workout shoes do YOU have?

I have alot.  Which is impressive, since I’ve really only had about a year to accumulate them.  Swimmers don’t need shoes!  I do still have like a hundred a thousand pairs of flip-flops laying around from my swimmer days.

You asked…

Obviously, the flip flops at the end are not workout shoes, they just happen to get stored there since they’re my “wear-around-town” shoes in the summer.  You can see my purple Mizuno running shoes at the end…I bought a second pair. I really wanted the orange and blue ones, but they cost like $20 more, so I stuck with the purple.  Next are the blue Ryka shoes, those are for the gym!  I usually save those for Body Attack or any other class where I’m going to be running around alot.  They’re very comfortable.  My old running shoes are next, they’re a pair of Nike LunarGlides.  I wear these to the gym if I’m just going to do weights/Body Pump since they’re kind of destroyed.  I’ve still got two good pairs of newer Nike LunarGlides.  I ran my last two half marathons in them, and while I liked them, they rubbed a big callous on my pinkie toe and I got tired of that.  I still do short runs (less than 5 miles) in them and I will occasionally wear them to the gym.  The last pair are my Nike walking shoes.  These are just for walking.  I used to power walk, like, alot.  It’s totally a great workout, but I would get these HUGE blisters on the side of my heel and it was awful, so I bought these shoes, specifically for walking and it stopped.  They don’t get much love anymore =(

Anyhow, yesterday was a busy day at work!  I meant to go to 5:30 am BodyCombat, but when my alarm went off, I so didn’t feel like it, so I stayed in bed.  I didn’t much feel like a workout after work either (which is very unusual), so I went and did my grocery shopping for the week instead.

I also stopped in this cute little store called Beadles to look for a birthday gift for my mom.  She is so hard to shop for!  I saw some really cute Pandora earrings, so I may have to go back and get them.  Any good mom gift suggestions?

Right next to Beadles was a little cupcake shop…and I was feeling a cupcake.  So in I went.

How cute is this??  I wanted to dig right in.

There were some traditional cupcakes, but they also had some cheesecake cupcakes, which sounded really good =)  I got a turtle cheesecake.

This was really, really good.  Really.  For local people, Gigi’s Cupcakes is in the Earth Fare Plaza on Pelham road.  I would recommend it on this cupcake alone!

Edit: Apparently this is a chain? Didn’t know.  Still an awesome cupcake

This morning I went to the gym, but first I went to Starbucks! I haven’t been in forever, just because it’s expensive and I have no money, but I bought the LivingSocial deal that was running around the internet a few days ago.

Yay pumpkin spice latte! I was pretty excited about it.  I’m still pretty excited about it!  Anyone else excited about it?


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11 Responses to How Many workout shoes do YOU have?

  1. Josh says:

    What do you think you will do with the old running shoes once you dont want them for anything at all anymore?

    • Steph says:

      If they’re not in too bad of shape, I’ll donate the shoes. Nike has shoe drop off at most sporting goods stores. Otherwise, I’ll keep them as casual shoes until they’re completely worn out or save them for something dirty, like a mud run or gardening or camping.

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