20 Miles

Edit: I’ve gone through and trashed a bunch of posts because no one gives a shit about the salad I ate on Monday.  I think this will be a good start – first 20 mile run of my first marathon

Today was the big 2-0.  What a daunting amount!  I was really excited/nervous for this run because it’s kind of a milestone in my marathon training  Luckily, I headed outside today and it was absolutely beautiful out!  Nice and cool, but sunny.  I was so happy through the whole run because it was just so nice outside!

Good Morning!

It’s actually starting to feel a little like fall (well, for the south).  I felt so good during this run.  It was amazing what difference the weather can make! There were tons of people out today, so it was good to everyone’s smiling faces! =)

No, I’m still not really fast, but this was a great time for me.  I think it makes up for the terrible 15 miles I had a few weeks ago

Also, something weird happened.

Where did that guy come from?? I don’t run that fast in a 5K, let alone the last mile of a 20-mile run.  Weird.  I don’t really watch my pace during my run, since I’m really focused on just finishing this race.  As long as I’m beating the 6-hour finishing pace (not too hard), I’m good.





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One Response to 20 Miles

  1. I like to work out by myself. Time away to be free with my own thoughts. I sometimes run with my spouse and that is enjoyable too, but for the most part, it’s on my own. Great training run btw…way to go! Happy Running.

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