Fave Fitness Blogs and My Dream Fitness Vacation

Hey all!

Today, we return to the September Fitness/Healthy Living Blog Challenge!

I know I skipped Day 10, but I’d like to go back and get that one since I love to read other people blogs.  I think everyone deserves a little blog-lovin’!  I use Google Reader to manage my blog subscriptions, and if you look at my feed…there are a lot of blogs.  There are just so many!  Everyone has a different life, new stories, different opinions, lifestyles.  It’s amazing! Probably, I follow your blog.  I don’t read them all every day, because that would be impossible, so every once in a while, I clear out my feed and start over. It’s not because I don’t love you, I swear!

Anyways, there are a few that I do try and read every post, so I’ll share them with you!


Pretty much everyone reads Shut Up + Run.  She’s totally hilarious, and no topic is off limits!  One of the few bloggers I’ve seen who’s not afraid to talk about her weird body problems.  Every runner has them, but they’re weird, so we don’t want to talk about it.  It’s good to know that it’s not just me =)

2. Running off the Reeses

The first time I read this blog, I laughed so hard I cried. I could barely breathe!

3. Run Eat Repeat

Monica has alot of great running/eating for running tips, while also being totally entertaining.

4. Skinny Runner

Another entertaining blog about a girl who apparently loves pickles (blech!) haha

5. Peanut Butter and Peppers

This is my favorite food/healthy eating blog!  I wanted to get one in here, and this girl has some outstanding recipes!

Obviously, these are not my only favorites because, like I said earlier, I probably read your blog.  I have no life 😉
While I’m here, I want to touch on Day 11’s topic as well, which is My Dream Fitness Vacation.  This isn’t something I’ve thought about alot because my dream vacation is laying on the beach (any beach) with a good book =)  A close second dream vacation is a Disney vacation because ❤ Disney!

I guess a fitness variation on Disney is going and doing a Run Disney event, which I’ve had the opportunity to do, and it was the best thing ever!  I’d love to do the Disney Marathon one day, but unfortunately, it won’t be this year.

My second though is this: Ironman World Championship in Hawaii!

Because seriously, how cool would that be??? This will never happen in my lifetime because I hate (fast) bike riding, but this is my dream, OK? Let me dream 😉


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2 Responses to Fave Fitness Blogs and My Dream Fitness Vacation

  1. fitnesscheerleader says:

    Yes! I would so love to watch the Ironman Championships in Hawaii, and maybe do some hashing (as in hash house harriers) while there. Great list – both the blog list and your fitness vacation list.

  2. misstjohnson says:

    Thanks for posting! i always love knowing other good fitness blogs to read!

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