My Fitness Bucket List

Hey all!

It looks like I’m going to be a little on and off blogging for the next week or so.  My mom came to visit me! Yay!  The day after she leaves, I’m headed to Canada for a business trip, so I’ll have limited blogging access during that time as well. Busy, busy!

I have another super cool bruise, too:

It’s not too colorful yet, but the lump is the size of my fist.  It’s on my leg, right where I would normally be foam rolling my IT band.  I won’t be doing that anytime soon!

So, let’s talk about my fitness bucket list!

I never though about it too much before, since up until I graduated college, all I did was swim.  All my goals were swimming related.  Now that I’ve entered the running world, I’ve encountered so many new things to try!  Here’s some stuff I thought of:

1. Run a marathon! – I’m not too far from this one, so I will hopefully be able to cross this one off soon. 6 weeks to Spinx!

2. Walt Disney World Marathon – I cannot wait to go back to Disney to do this!

3. Cooper River Bridge Run – I really wanted to do it this year, but I had a conflict, so hopefully next yar

2013 Design

4. Complete a Half-Ironman – I would really like to do this someday.  Unfortunately, I am worthless suck at not very good on a bike.  But I think if I can run a marathon, I can do this.  At least I know I can swim a mile.

5. Try CrossFit – I’m definitely ready to give it a try.  The Greenville Lululemon is going to have a Saturday morning WOD on Sept 29, so we’ll start with that

6. Run a race in another country – Canada will do 😉

7. Do one pull-up – Just one.  Really

8. Be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes

I’d say that’s a pretty good list.  Any ideas?


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4 Responses to My Fitness Bucket List

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I like your list! I live in Charleston so the Bridge Run will probably be something I experience one day. I already run it a lot though, I don’t want to do the race but since I live here and run, I feel like I have to. Good luck with your marathon, it’s funny how that’s in Greenville which isn’t too far away but I’ve never heard of it.

    CrossFit is really fun, you will like it :). I still can’t do a pull up unassisted, though.

  2. Corey says:

    You can DEFINITELY do a half iron. With your swimming background and running…you would be fine. I was terrified of going “fast” on a bike, until I got a helmet and started riding more. Just takes a little practice (and at some point), a decent bike)!

  3. Your list looks super similar to mine.
    Down to that one stupid pull up and all.
    Although my plank goal is only 3 minutes.

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