Hey all!

A few weeks ago, we blogged about food/workout trackers that we use in the September Blogging Challenge.  Since then, I’d been contacted by someone at Slimkicker to check out their site.  So I did!

To be honest, I’ve struggled to get into alot of the social media fitness apps, because they can be hard to use.  I have a Fitocracy account, and I quickly gave up on it because I couldn’t figure it out! Maybe I’m just dumb, but when I was using it (maybe 6 months ago or so) it was just too much work. It was especially unfriendly to group x, which I do a whole lot of.

Anyways, Slimkicker is similar to Fitocracy in the sense that it’s a fitness tracker.  You earn points for logging food and exercise, eating healthy, or participating in challenges.  At each level, you can pick something that you want to to reward yourself with (like a massage, a new song, an outfit) and when you reach the next level, it will remind you to go reward yourself for all your hard work!  The workout and food databases are pretty good, and it’s relatively simple to build recipes.

The challenges are pretty straightforward too. Most of them are 10-30 challenges, with topics like “eat a salad a day”, “replace soda with water”, or (the one I’m doing) “restore sanity”.   You have to make sure to check in on your challenge daily.

They also have all the standard social media functions like groups/forums, facebook and twitter sharing, and of course a blog.  I like what these guys have so far, so if you have a few minutes, go check them out!

Also, the Day 15 challenge topic is my 5 favorite veggies.  If by veggies, you mean candy….just kidding.

Carrots, Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes (if that counts), Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus.

So, I do occasionally eat vegetables!


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  1. I love the idea of veggies with Laughing Cow cheese. Yummy!

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