My Favorite Fall Workouts

Happy hump-day everyone! It’s been a busy week in my world.

My mom made it home safe and sound, thankfully, but I miss her already! But I’m getting ready for a work trip to Canada, so I needed some time alone to get some stuff done.

Let’s see, what else has been going on…oh, I accidentally flicked yogurt into my eye the other day.  I don’t recommend it =(  My gym also launched the Les Mills CXWorx program this week!  It is torture really hard. My abs and hind end are so sore! Also, it is really tough to do Body Attack afterwards, just fyi…

One of my co-workers owed me lunch for a big favor I did for him, and I requested a salad from Panera. I really wanted that Strawberry-poppy seed salad, but they don’t have it any more! SO SAD. So I cut my losses, and ordered the Roasted Turkey Salad.


It was actually pretty awesome. Best part of my day.

I’ve missed a few days of the blogging challenge, but today’s topic is my favorite fall workouts.  I LOVE FALL!  Have I said that already? I LOVE FALL.

Unfortunately, the weather is not very fall-like here yet, but it’s cooled off enough to actually venture outside.  I feel like I’m paler in the summer now because I’m afraid of the heat. But, as we go into my favorite month (October), I will definitely be spending as much time outside as possible!

1. Hiking! Hiking here is the best.  Since I grew up in Indiana, where the land is flat like the pancakes I ate last week, I never got to do much hiking.  It’s so beautiful here in the fall!  Also, since the winters are so mild, you can actually hike pretty much all winter long.


2. Running.  Another winter sport in this state!  I’ve kind of been hating on running this summer a little because I HATE running in the heat.  I’ve been dreading every training run that wasn’t at 6 am, so I’m really looking forward to good weather and good runs =)

3. Ulitmate Frisbee =) So much fun.

4. Trash Can Bowling?

I’m behind the camera on this one, luckily


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One Response to My Favorite Fall Workouts

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Yeah, running is definitely not a summer sport here in SC… it gets super hot here and the humidity is crazy. But it makes your Fall race times super fast :). And it’s started to feel more and more like Fall every day, at least here in Charleston. My gym has CXWORX too and I’ve done it a few times, you are right- it is super hard!

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