I’m not going….

It seems like the entire blog-verse is going to fitbloggin this weekend.

I’m not going.

This is obvious =) I’m pretty new to the blog scene, but it looks like a blast. I hope everyone has fun!

Also, going on this weekend…

Rose-Hulman homecoming! I’m not going to this either, which is sad because it’s the first homecoming I haven’t attended in 6 years! I’m so sad that I won’t get to see my little (sis). Also, I’m missing out on this.

Yea, this is what engineers do in their spare time

And just the general festivities that is homecoming.

But I’m really looking forward to go here:

Well, this isn’t the main point of my trip to Nova Scotia, since it’s a work trip, but we’ll be spending the weekend in Halifax. Probably, we’ll find our way over here.  I also have a long run (21 miles) scheduled for this weekend, so I’m hoping to set a personal distance record in another country!  It may just be Canada, but it counts!

Moving on to the topic of the day! It is: List 5 new-to-you healthy foods.  I have so many, since I’m pretty new to the “healthy living” scene, but here are my favorites!

1. Dates! How did I never learn how good dates were?? I guess I always thought of them when they were baked into fruitcake or something equally disgusting at Christmas, so I always thought they were gross.  But they are good and good for you (in moderation)

2. Quinoa.  Recently discovered by me as a super tasty pasta substitute. Also super easy.  Also good for breakfast!

3. Lentils.  My mom doesn’t like lentils, so growing up, we didn’t eat them.  Turns out, they’re pretty good, especially those red ones! Also, a super cheap source of protein.

4. Almond Milk.  I am a milk drinking fool.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the blog or not, but all my friends know, I easily can go through an entire gallon of milk in a week.  Not cooking with it or anything, just drinking it.  So, I buy skim so I’m not chugging calories down.  Almond milk is a bit expensive, but I love the taste!  The calories are similar to skim milk, so I feel pretty good about drinking it.

5. Greek Yogurt.  I love yogurt, so I was really grossed out by greek yogurt at first.  Then I had Chobani Mango…and I was hooked. That stuff is so good. Trader Joe’s greek yogurt isn’t bad either.

Also, check out this kitten!



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3 Responses to I’m not going….

  1. I feel like I am seeing FitBlogging stuff everywhere. So jealous.
    I am really new to this too, so hopefully next year.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I don’t think I’m fit enough, or blogger enough, for a “fit bloggin” conference. But that’s okay :). I would rather go to Nova Scotia too, that seems like a fun place and you get to check out that pub! I love all those foods you mentioned, but especially almond milk (dark chocolate one is particularly delish) and Greek yogurt. The Chobani vanilla chocolate chunk tastes like a dessert :).

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