Hello From Canada!

Hi everyone!

Today is my last day in Canada, and I just finally had some down time to sit and blog for a bit! It’s been a pretty whirlwind trip, but it’s been awesome (and productive).

Friday morning I hopped out of bed and headed to the 5:30 am Body Combat class to get a workout in before we left.  I’m so glad I did, because I was totally wiped out later on. We traveled to Halifax in style.  Let me tell you, it is *the best* way to travel. No hassle, and we were on the ground in Nova Scotia before lunch, ready to get to work.

Here’s a picture of Washington DC!

Anyways, we drove out to the plant, and came back to Halifax for the weekend. We stayed at the Prince George Hotel, which is pretty stinkin’ nice!

Yea, there’s a Keurig in every room. Also, I want to talk about the soap in the bathrooms.  The shampoo and conditioner provided had a “rosemary-thyme” scent. What does this mean to me? I spent the weekend running around smelling like Italian food. It was very confusing and I kept thinking someone was eating a meatball sub or something, and I wanted some! Geez.

We went to dinner here:

It was really good. I had a blue-cheese steak, which was outstanding.

I had done a little research on run clubs in the area before I left, and found one that I liked =)

Yay, Lulu!

Thanks so much to the Lululemon Halifax store for putting up with my crazy American ways, and taking me on a great 10K run! I had a ton of fun and met a great group of gals. Afterwards, I may have made some purchases…(bad Steph!)


I actually ended up buying 2 pairs of the Speed Shorts, but I know I’ll be glad I had them.  I probably tried on half the store! There was so much stuff, some that I loved, some that I *did not*. I was really tempted by a super cute pair of Wunder-Under crops and an amazingly soft Jacket (a Star Runner, I think). I really had to talk myself out of them since I gotta stick to my budget! I’m happy with what I bought.

Later on, some of us took a walk out around town even though it was a rainy, crappy day and encountered a cute little park!

It was called the public gardens and it was full of flowers! My mom would have loved it. I took a ton of pictures for her.

We also drove out to Peggy’s cove that day.  I wish we had picked a sunny day to go because it was super duper foggy and we couldn’t hardly see anything.

It was still a nice little side trip. They had lobsters too, weird little things:

After dinner, a couple of us decided to check out some pubs!

We went to Durty Nelly’s (seriously) first, but for some reason, the power went out in the pub and they couldn’t get it back on, so we left soon after.  We headed to The Old Triangle next, where we enjoyed some Celtic music and Canadian beer =)

On our way back to the hotel, we kept seeing these random signs on the ground:

Not my foot!

What the heck?! These were everywhere on the sidewalks. Anyone have any idea what this is?


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2 Responses to Hello From Canada!

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I really love your new shorts! I’ve never been to a lululemon but I’ve heard good things and there is one here. That’s neat that they have a running group too. Canada looks like such a pretty place, and that’s so awesome that your hotel room had a keurig. I would totally love that because I love coffee and I love my keurig :).

    • Steph says:

      The shorts are amazingly comfortable…but the price is steep. You definitely get what you pay for, though. Pretty much all lulu stores do running and yoga clubs for free, so if you’ve got one near you, they probably do that too =)

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