September Foodie Pen Pals!

The Lean Green Bean

It’s time for another foodie pen pals post! This month my box went to a lovely lady non-blogger who likes to eat clean, whole foods.  This is so impressive to me, and I had lots of fun finding some clean snacks to send her!

I got my box from Alyssa at FunFitFash! She just recently completed her first half marathon, so congrats to her!  Definitely an accomplishment to be proud of!

My box filled with goodies! She included lots of running goodies, and some other fun stuff!


This is some pretty tasty looking instant oatmeal. I’m pretty stoked to try it out.

I pretty much ate those fruit bars immediately because I was hungry =)  She also included some Luna Bars and a Cliff Bar flavor that I’d never tried! There’s also that jar of sandwich spread (it is cheesy jalapeno deliciousness).  Thanks Alyssa!


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5 Responses to September Foodie Pen Pals!

  1. That does look like lots of goodies…havent tried GU yet…need to try that sometime

  2. I love that sandwich spread! Great box of goodies

  3. Amy Lauren says:

    Alyssa and I have the same tastes… TriBerry Gu, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bars (the best! especially when heated up a little in the microwave), and Better Oats. That oatmeal is really good, I used to take it to work because you measure the water in the pack so you didn’t need a measuring cup. It’s tasty!

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