Cutting the Cord

That’s right, I cancelled my cable today! Yay! I’m feeling pretty good about it. I don’t really watch that much TV that I can’t watch on Hulu, but I’d been putting it off for a while because I liked the convenience of my DVR.  But I finally decided today that I wasn’t going to pay the ridiculous price AT&T charges me to have 5 channels (seriously, 5) so I called them.  I expected them to talk me out of it, since that’s been my experience before, but they didn’t really, so that was a relief. I’ve also temporarily suspended my Netflix account because I just don’t have the time to watch TV and I’m wasting my money on it. Now I can buy more Lululemon clothes?? Hah.

On Sunday, I did my long run. 21 miles, yay!  I started out with the first 14 miles on my own and then I ran into some friends from run club so I joined up with them for the last 7 miles.  They’re training for their first marathon too, but it’s a few weeks later than mine so they’re a bit behind me in mileage. It was great to have someone to run with! They had their Nike+ things on and apparently when people like your run it will cheer at you! How cool is that???

I’ve also been experimenting with some different fuel options during my run to settle my stomach since I’d been having problems.  I saw in someone’s blog post (I forget who) that when they combined Nuun with gels they had issues.  Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

Sorry, nuun, I love you, but you hurt me =(

So, for my last 2 long runs, I just put plain water in my Camelback.  For my run in Canada, I took my normal food (GU and Cliff Shotbloks).  I felt so much better! This past week I tried some new stuff:

Hammer Gels!

The Hammer Gels, I definitely liked!  I also tried the Hammer “Perpetuem Solids”. Kinda weird, but they tasted like coffee, so that was good.  The only thing I didn’t like about them is that they stuck to my teeth when I tried to chew them (they were kind of chewy tablet things), and my fingers were all sticky after handling them.  Other that that, the Hammer Nutrition stuff sat great! No bathroom breaks necessary!

I’ve also been loving these:

I really have to keep myself out of these during the week when I’m craving candy because they are super tasty! They have been great on my runs.

So,the consensus? The nuun was definitely irritating my stomach on my long runs, so that has to go. Sorry, nuun.  I’ll keep you for post-run hydration.

Anyone else tried those Perpetuem Solids? I’m still feeling weird about them.


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5 Responses to Cutting the Cord

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    My friend told me to try the Hammer gels but I haven’t yet. Heck, I just tried Gu! Those sports beans from Jelly Belly are really good though, I love them but don’t eat them much. I’ve also never used Nuun on a run, but I use it after runs quite often, it tastes good and always makes me feel better too.

  2. Way to take the plunge…I dont know if I will ever be there myself cause I do enjoy the mindless dribble of the boobtube…but I can see the benefits of not having it in your life!

  3. I tried the sport beans because jelly belly are my favorite candy ever, so I wanted to love them. But they just melted into one big hot SC summer run ball. I really like the Stingers fruit chews. Like fruit snacks and no messy clumps.

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