Friend Making Monday!

I thought I’d try a new “blog-thing” today, since I don’t have a ton to talk about today.  Kenlie over at All The Weigh hosts a weekly blog link-up with a themed Q&A so you can connect with other bloggers! Sure, why not?

But, first, my day.  Not terribly interesting, but we did have the new Body Combat launch at the gym today (I think they said 53? not sure).  I definitely enjoyed it more than the previous release.  Also, in the last few weeks, I’ve had several people (women) come up to me and tell me how good I look! How nice of them!  In all honesty, I really have not lost much weight during my marathon training…maybe 5 lbs tops, but apparently I look really different. I’m pretty oblivious to that sort of thing unless someone mentions it to me…Anyways, it’s been good to start conversations with other women that go to the classes that I go to. Yay, new friends!

So, onto the questions!

Inside Your Home

1. Do you live in an apartment/condo, townhouse or house?  Apartment!
2. What is your home’s coolest feature? Maybe that I live in a ditch? Nope.  I have a huge amount of closet space! It’s awesome.
3.  Do you enjoy DIY projects?  If so, what are you working on now?  No. Not ever. Well, not willingly.
4. When using the dishwasher do you use powder detergent or liquid? I like those little Cascade packet things…they are so handy!
5. Do you have a TV in your bedroom?  Yea, but I can’t remember the last time I used it.  It’s just decorative, I guess.
6.  Is your range gas or electric?  Electric. My preferred method of burning the place down.
7.  How often do you sweep/mop/vacuum?  Whenver I get around to it.  I try do vacuum at least once every two weeks, or whenever the floors get dirty enough that I can’t stand to live in my own home!
8.  What is your favorite place to shop for home furniture and accents? IKEA? ❤
9.  Do you decorate for holidays? OH YES!  I love putting everything out…but putting everything away is the biggest pain.
10.  If you could have HGTV come in and redo one room in your home which room would you choose?  Probably my living area. I spend most of my time (not sleeping) in this room since it’s where my ‘puter and TV are.

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6 Responses to Friend Making Monday!

  1. jenchall says:

    You do look fantastic…maybe you haven’t lost much weight but you’re definitely toning up a lot…three hours in the gym will do that for ya 🙂 keep up the good work friend!

    PS – im totally ready to help you try a DIY project 😀

  2. Sabrina says:

    I’ve heard a lot about these casecade pod things. I suppose I should finally give them a whirl.

    Sabrina, stopping by from FMM.

  3. Amber says:

    Stopping in from FMM. Will be back tyo check out your blog tomorrow as your profile interested me since you are a swimmer. I recently took up swimming for fitness.

  4. Gina says:

    Good luck with your upcoming marathon:-) I thought I was the only one having those career questions…nice to know I’m not alone…as you said, could God just tell us the plan already;-) I know not on our time will it be revealed…maybe a prayer for patience is in order?

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