Random Wednesday

It got very suddenly chilly here in SC!  Saturday was nice, sunny, and hot, Sunday was stormy, and the last 3 days have had highs of 60 or less.  While this is great for my running pursuits (so happy!!), I’m freezing my hind-end off at work!

So, I was reading the news today, and I stumbled upon this:

You can click on the image for a link to the original article from The Economist.  It shows approximately how long it takes the average person in each country to earn a half-liter of beer. So, if you can’t afford anything else in the US these days…at least you’ll be able to buy some Oktoberfest, yea? Haha.

Anyways, nothing super interesting going on here. I went for a short run yesterday (and Body Attack).  They keep telling us that the new release of Body Attack that they’ll be launching on Saturday is the HARDEST THING EVER. I’m a little nervous. Also, my back and shoulder are super sore from Combat on Monday. I don’t think I’ve been sore from Combat since the first class I went to! What’s that all about?? I thought I was crazy, but I was talking to some other people that went on Monday and they said they were sore too, so it really must have been pretty tough.

I’m supposed to be going camping with some friends this weekend, but to be totally honest, I kinda don’t want to go.  I’m still pretty much exhausted and I have a ton of housekeeping-type things that I need to get done around my apartment and I kinda just want to sleep forever.  I’ll have to think on it.  I love to hike in the fall, but I’m just not feeling it for this weekend with my marathon coming up (17 days!!!).  Also, I don’t want to get sick, b/c that would totally suck. Also, Fall for Greenville is the weekend! And Pumpkintown Pumpkinfestival!  Anyone want to go??


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2 Responses to Random Wednesday

  1. That graphic is hilarious. We are still in the 70s/80s here and I love it. 70s are my favorite.

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