Fall for Greenville

This turned out to be a busy weekend!  The second big event going on was Fall for Greenville.  This is a big event here in Greenville that happens every year in October where all the restaurants and local breweries set up tents/tasting stations on Main Street.  You can buy tickets to get food and drinks from the different tents.  Every year I’ve got, it’s been totally packed (and this year was no exception).

I actually ended up going twice, but the first time I didn’t spend much time on the town. Some of my work friends called me and asked me to come join them for some drinks on Saturday night, and since I didn’t have a 20+ mile run waiting for me on Sunday, I figured I could handle it. I met them for a late dinner/snack at a restaurant downtown, where I had this guy:

Fried mac and cheese! I was expecting some bite size pieces as an appetizer, but this is what I got.  It was really good, though. We went to a bar for a while afterwards and chilled until I got tired around 11:30 and went home.  I feel so lame =(

Sunday morning, I slept in a little before heading out on my much shorter 14 mile run. I had a really solid run and felt really good until the end, when I realized I was super-freaking-hungry and kinda hit the wall.  Apparently my breakfast (and english muffin) was not at all sufficient.  Lesson learned!  Even still, it was a great run.

Later, I met up with a friend to head back downtown so we could check out all the tasty food options at Fall for Greenville.

Tickets in hand, ready to eat!

I ate a good bit because I was still pretty hungry from my run earlier. Started out with a fish taco (awesome)

I also had a crab cake (from Soby’s, yum), a piece of fried bread pudding, and an egg roll since we had a few tickets left at the end to use. I decided to steer clear of the beer since I was already kind of tired. We wandered around and enjoyed the bands for a while before heading home.

Also, I wanted to show off my mom’s new kitten.  My aunt has a particularly fertile kitty that she hasn’t had a chance to get fixed yet.  She had some kittens (they’re about 5 weeks old now), and my mom decided that since all but one of our cats at home have died (they were old, old), she would adopt one! My dad was not super stoked, but he knows this thing is darn cute.


Isn’t she cute?? My sister and I said we should name her Puddles, but my dad didn’t like it. My mom’s thinking Smokey, but she’s not sure.  I Skyped with her yesterday and that kitty sure is a noisy little thing. Our old cat is also not super happy, but, probably, he’ll get over it.

Any good kitty names out there?


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3 Responses to Fall for Greenville

  1. Fried mac n’cheese. drool!
    She is so cute, but in a sweet little old lady way. I think it is the grey. She so needs a Golden Girls name. Blanche, Sophia, etc.

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