Running from Spiders

OK! So, I was out running today, and I saw the mother of all big, scary spiders!

Ok, maybe not.  But it was, um, big and gross and it had built a web across the entirety of the sidewalk. Literally. Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Again, bleh. I don’t much like spiders and I’ve got the willies just looking at him. Anyways.  I went for an easy (EASY) 4 mile run before going to Body Attack and CXWorx today.  I figure I’ll probably do it again Saturday, and then call it quits before the marathon so I don’t risk hurting myself. They put some crazy lunge-tuck-jump things in there that really test my coordination so I have to really think about it so I don’t land on my face.

For dinner I had some leftover Italian Beef. This stuff is pretty delicious, and I was going to share the recipe, but I absolutely cannot find it anywhere.  I don’t know what happened to it! Gah.  Hopefully I’ll find it soon, because it’s really good.

Not much else, really, so here’s a cool picture =)

edit: Just a few hours after I wrote this, I found this bad boy crawling around my apartment. WHY??????

Look, you can even see his evil eyes glowing. There was some screaming involved trying to kill it. I think my upstairs neighbors were a little freaked out. Very unhappy.


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