Fun Fact Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m working a bit of an odd schedule today so I got to sleep in until 7…and I’m feeling great! No more injuries, luckily.  I went to the Lululemon run club last night and we did an easy 3 miles, which was just really relaxing and enjoyable. And, I picked up a running buddy for my “long” (8 mile) run this weekend, yay! She’s training for a half-marathon, so our training schedules lined up this week with her building and my taper.

Also, I changed my blog name! I just wasn’t feeling runliveconquer, seeing as I has just randomly made it up to get a blog started. A friend suggested Super Runner, while awesome, doesn’t really describe me =) But I love running, eating and swimming (all at the same time? Maybe not.)

Anyways, that’s about all that’s going on here, so I’m just going to share some fun facts about me!

1. I used to have my belly button pierced.  I got it done with my sorority little sister at the end of my senior year of swimming just for fun. I absolutely hated it because it would always catch on things, so I took it out.

2. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish. Oh my goodness, I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.

3.  I have been 2 Disney World a total of 5 times in my life, twice in my adult life. Considering I’ve never lived in Florida, this makes me feel very blessed.  I love Disney!

4. I love to rollerblade!  In college (my non-running) days, I would do 7-8 miles a day for exercise.  Sadly, there are no good places to rollerblade in Greenville (hills and road obstacles) so I don’t do it much anymore.

5.  I went to Mammoth Cave for the first time in college.  I was on my way back from a wedding in Kentucky with some friends and we just decided on the spur of the moment to go see it when we saw some signs off the interstate. Best random roadtrip ever.

6.  In my swimming days, my best event was the 200 backstroke.  I also routinely swam the 100 back, the 100 butterfly.  I never swam freestyle because I sucked at it. Even in practice, I would substitute backstroke in for freestyle so I could make the intervals because I was faster at it.

7.  I know how to water-ski. With just one ski.

8.  My dad made me learn to change my own oil and rotate my tires before I was allowed to drive.

9.  The furthest west I have been is Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  My grandad had a condo out there and my family went to visit over a Christmas Break when I was in middle school. I learned to ski, but I’d much rather water-ski than snow ski. Here’s a crappy picture.

10. I completed 10 years of 4-H! Mostly poster projects, but I did it!

That’s all =) I hope everyone has a great Friday!


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4 Responses to Fun Fact Friday!

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Just followed your new blog, I loved reading these facts. I wish I knew how to change a tire! I can’t believe you can rotate them and change your oil and stuff, that definitely saves a lot of money. Glad you met some new running buddies at Lululemon!

    • Steph says:

      It’s really pretty easy to do, but I’m lazy, so I don’t actually do it myself unless I’m at my parents house so I can get my dad to help 😉

  2. Are the Swedish Fish bags not single serving? This is news to me.

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