Painting and Alcohol?

Definitely two things I wouldn’t think would go together.

But first! I had intended to go to Body Pump and Body Attack today, but I allowed myself to get talked into going to yoga at Lululemon (I really need to get away from that store! It’s bad for my budget).  I’m not much for yoga, but I figured that after all the crazy running thing I’ve been doing, I could probably use a stretch out.

Here I am looking like a super dork:


I felt pretty good afterwards, good enough to hit a Body Combat class right afterwards! I still don’t really like yoga, but I was glad I went. It was pretty relaxing.

Anyways, the painting.  A month or so ago, a friend and I bought a Groupon for Design with Wine (soon to be Sassy Paints) for a half price session of painting fun.  I am a *worthless* artist. Not a crafty bone in my body. But, I figured if I drank enough, it wouldn’t matter too much! So, we headed downtown today armed with a bottle of my tasty Oliver wine (all the way from Indiana) so we could paint our hearts out.

And make a mess…

The painting of the day was “Autumn Road”.  The first hour was pretty easy, just painting big blocks of color on the canvas.


Yea, I got this whole painting thing…

But then they started talking shapes, textures, and I was all like “omgs”.  It really turned out much better than I ever would have expected. The Final Products:

Aren’t we cute?

Who knew we were so talented?? Haha.  It really was pretty fun.  I don’t think I would want to do it all the time, because really, what would I do with a bunch of terrible paintings by me?

After we finished up, we headed over to Chicora Alley for dinner, which was delicious, of course. That place is so stinkin’ good, and we can smell it every time we go to run club, so it was only a matter of time before we ended up going.

A few other random things…I finished this book today!

Before I Fall


Why are all these young adult books so addicting? I can’t stop reading them! I stayed up super late last night trying to finish this book because I couldn’t stand to put it down, but I eventually fell asleep reading, so I gave up.  I’ve had so much more time to read since I cut my cable, though. It’s been awesome.

Also, did you know that Marshall’s has nice workout clothes? I didn’t know it, but a girl at the gym that I talk had a super cute jacket that she got from there, so I went by on Friday, and…


Got some Nike shorts and some nice Adidas socks for less than $20! SCORE! I’ll have to check by there more often! While I was over in that area, I accidentally ended up with this:

Oops. It was worth it though. Banana and Peanut Butter flavors =)

What’s your favorite yogurt flavor?



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6 Responses to Painting and Alcohol?

  1. Katie says:

    Umm…how can i get in on this next time??

  2. 1. Yoga sucks!
    2. I love the painting and wine classes. My bestie actually has that exact one you did in here house.
    3. I had no clue about Marshalls

  3. livehalffull says:

    I am going to do paint and wine with my girlfriends next week, I can’t wait! Our painting is “Paris in the Fall.”

  4. Painting and wine sounds like a blast! I definitely need to put that on my list! You have some great photos from your yoga class!

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