Happy Friday!

I know it’s a happy Friday for me! In a stroke of brilliance, I decided to take today off, and man, I am so glad I did.  There were a variety of reasons (work sucked this week, still tired from my marathon, busy weekend ahead), and luckily my boss is really understanding, and just said to make sure my hours work out next week if I didn’t want to take if as a vacation day. I really do have an awesome boss, our jobs are just kind of a bummer. Oh well.

Anyways, I’ve definitely been feeling that marathon this week. I tried to go to Body Pump yesterday and my legs were shaking so bad during the back track, I could barely do it. Not ready! I’ll give it another go sometime later next week.  It’s been frustrating to take it so slow this week, but I’ve been doing my best to listen to my body and not over do it (even thought all I really want to do is go to Body Attack. Definitely not ready for that.)

My running has been feeling pretty good though! I ran on Tuesday, Thursday (Run Club!), and this morning I decided to run a little longer, maybe 6 miles.  I’ve been running without my Garmin, so I can’t be sure, but it felt really good. Such a nice morning for a run! Afterwards, I went over to the Sportsclub for a bit so I could do some work, since I can’t seem to do work in my apartment.  I was sitting at one of the tables and this big group of old guys came and sat with me randomly.  They were super hilarious and I was sitting there working trying not to crack up the whole time.

Oh, for dinner last night, I went over to a friend’s hose after run club, and we did a kind of tag-team dinner.  She made these crunchy chicken finger things:

After we ate most of them

And I tried to make these Spaghetti Squash pancakes that I found on Pinterest.


My first try might belong on Pinstrosity.  I made them way too big and thick, and they just wouldn’t cook. We ended up baking them in the oven for about 10 mins, and they finally got cooked enough to eat, but they were not at all like the recipe.  Not crunchy and golden. Oh well. It was still a really good dinner.  Probably, we need to do something like this more often because I *never* cook during the week because I’m lazy (and tired), so it was nice to have some non-leftovers.

I wanted some redemption on the pancakes today, and I had some leftover “batter”, so I had another go, but made them much smaller and squashed them out thin.


So much better! I got the golden crispy outside I was looking for this time.  Still delicious.

So, I wanted to give an update on my mom’s little kitten!  We used to have 3 cats (outside cats), but 2 of them died this past year because they were really old.  The last one is named Sugar Wafer (because he is super duper sweet) was really lonely and would cry at my parents door all the time, so my mom got the kitten to keep him company. Poor guy.  But he really didn’t like the kitten for the first couple weeks after my mom got her and would hiss at her.  Luckily, he’s old too, so he wouldn’t swipe at her or try and hurt her. But this week:

Cuddle Buddies!

Apparently, they’re now the best of friends. So cute! I love how my mom puts the cat bed in the cardboard box, because that’s the only way they’ll actually use it. Cats are weird.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


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One Response to Happy Friday!

  1. Harlee is obsessed with boxes and suitcases. Crazy cats.
    And don’t feel bad about taking it easy after your marathon, slow down, you’re doing great!

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