First Hot Yoga

As I’ve mention before, I’m not a huge yoga fan.  I’ve also mentioned that working out in the heat is one of my least favorite things ever.  So it totally makes sense that I’d want to do hot yoga, right? Yes, definitely.

But seriously, I do like to try new things, so when Katie asked me if I wanted to come try a new yoga studio, I thought I would.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of having my days off (working at night and all) and doing things I couldn’t normally because of work. So I headed off yesterday to Zanti Power Yoga in downtown Greenville.

The class we went to was called Yoga Sculpt, which I guess is power yoga with weights.  I’d never done power yoga before, so I didn’t know what to expect at all. Let me just say, it was intense.  I am a sweat monster sweated so much, it was crazy.  I had my own little personal puddle on my mat at the end.  It was like cardio/yoga/weights and it really got my heart pounding and my muscles burning.  Why did no one tell me yoga could be like that?? It’s a whole different animal from that standard yoga stuff that I’ve experienced in the past. We did mountain climbers, high knees, repeater knees, squats, lunges, and some standard arm exercises, and it was all incorporated into the flow of the yoga poses.  Obviously, I’m still not too familiar with a lot of yoga poses, but I’m learning.  Also, I’m not sure if I’m doing the Chaturanga correctly (I guess it’s kind of like a tricep pushup? Any help?).

I really thought the heat would bother me, but once I kind of got over the fact that I was sweating like crazy, it wasn’t too bad.  I’d probably prefer it in a normal temperature room, but the class itself was so fun, the hour flew by!  Maybe doing stuff like this would help me with my aversion to running in the heat…

Anyways, check out this tiny, tiny apple!

I ended up having to eat like 3 or 4 of them since they were like 3 bites apiece.  I thought they were pretty funny though. Also, do you like warm, chocolately memories?

These were leftovers from the camping trip, so I’ve been using them as pick-me-ups while I’m working nights.  For some reason, we just thought the hot chocolate package was hilarious, so every time we had hot chocolate we started cracking up. Silly, I know, but we were outside, so it’s ok.



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2 Responses to First Hot Yoga

  1. My hot yoga was 90 minutes of stretching in 117 degree weather. I wanted to hurt someone. Glad yours was better. Yoga cannot deal with any more break up letters.

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