Marathon Inspiration

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going great!

Not a ton of things going on here. I cooked up a storm this weekend, so I won’t have to cook  for the next couple weeks.  Not a ton of interesting stuff, but the star of the weekend was definitely this Buffalo Chicken Soup.

Still not a food photographer, so just go to the link =) It was really good. I also made Abby’s Skinny Chocolate Muffins (which took all of my willpower to not eat all at once).


I also picked up the running a little to get ready for the Kiawah Half. I can’t believe it’s less than a month away! I hit up Katie this weekend to run 10 miles (since her race is the same weekend) and her sister and I’m so glad I had buddies this run because it was tough for me.  I think I jumped back in a little too hard too fast, especially with the classes.  Lesson learned!

So anyways, I wanted to talk a little about my inspiration for doing a marathon.  I get asked a lot (especially at work), why I wanted to do a marathon. Which is fair enough, considering I spent most of my life pointedly *not* running.

In all honesty, I just wanted to see if I could do it!  It’s one of those things that’s on everyone’s bucket list: run a marathon, go skydiving, whatever. There no time like the present, right? So I put money down on a race and told everyone that I was gonna do it to hold myself accountable.  Once there’s money involved, I’m pretty much committed, but telling everyone really helped because then it was a matter of pride.  I couldn’t back out now!

I didn’t train to do it fast; I just focused on enjoying the experience as much as possible.  You only get one first marathon! I made sure to focus only on finishing the race, and not so much on a time goal.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your goal that you lose sight of the fact that you just ran 26.2 miles! That’s a long way!

And having it done? Such a great feeling! Yes, I was kinda slow compared to most runners and I had kinda hoped to do better, but who cares?

I really think that if you want to run a marathon (barring an injury, or something like that) you can! It doesn’t have to be fast.  You don’t have to run the whole thing. If you’re concerned about the time limit, sign up for a big race with a longer time limit (there are some with 8+ hours. Plenty of time!). Find a buddy, sign up for a race, and do it! No excuses.  If you put it off, you’ll just continue to procrastinate and you’ll never get it done.

It’s been really good to talk to some of my co-workers about the marathon, because it has made some of them feel that it’s not such an unattainable goal. It did take over my life a little, but really only for a few months and the experience was totally worth it!

So…Rock and Roll Nashville? MCM? Disney 2014?

Who wants in? I’m ready for another =)


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3 Responses to Marathon Inspiration

  1. Katie says:

    Not going to lie—watching your experience definitely makes me think about doing one myself someday… You’re right, there will never be a “right” time, the time is now to go forth and achieve things for yourself.

  2. I am so glad you tried the muffin recipe:)
    I did Disney 2012 and loved it, my first, almost a year ago.
    Was supposed to do MCM this year, but have deferred to MCM 2013. I have heard great things about it!
    And if I am not ready for NoLa in Feb Nashville in April it is. So funny that you mentioned all marathons I am involved with right now:)

  3. Gina says:

    There’s never a right time for sure and it does take over your life, but oh so worth it!

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