The Real Deal

Oh, man. I’m not gonna lie. I really hate giving bad reviews about things, but I’m pretty sure I’ve just had one of the worst customer experiences ever (in my life. there’s probably worse out there).

It’s too ridiculous not to share. Also, I’m verrrry irritated and since there’s a bunch of bloggers advertising this service, I’d like to share the flip side of this story.

So, let’s talk about pvbody.

There’s quite a few services these days that offer monthly “boxes”, where they send you a sampling of food, clothing, make-up, whatever.  There’s tons of them.  Pvbody offers cute workout gear.  So, for $50 a month (when I signed up, it was $40), pvbody will send you a workout top and bottom from a premium brand.  You take a little quiz to determine what your favorite styles are, and they send you a box based on those preferences. Sounds great, huh?

So, when I saw a blogger advertising this service back in November, I was pretty excited to give it a try.  The blogger had a 20% code that readers could use, and she gets some sort of stipend for every person that signs up. Whatever.  To be fair, I don’t blame the blogger I signed up through personally. It’s not her fault. She was more of an unwitting accomplice.

So, I took the quiz and place my order.  This was on November 21. The email I received said that most orders ship between 7-10 days. Ok, fair enough.

So, I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Now, it’s December 11. 20 days after I ordered. I’m a little frustrated, but I decide to be nice and email them to find out what’s going on.

Fullscreen capture 1102013 65014 PM

I was probably way too polite, looking back, but oh well.

3 days later, I finally hear back from them. I get a stock email that they probably sent to everyone, but I seem to have an answer.

Fullscreen capture 1102013 64924 PM

All November orders have been shipped as of 12/14/12. GREAT! I was headed home on the 21st, so I figured a full week would be plenty of time for it to arrive before I left.

Did it arrive?


So, I headed home without it.  That afternoon (so, this is 12/21, 30 days after my first order), they contact my by phone and tell me that they don’t have a correct ZIP code for my order. Strange, but whatever, so I give it to them. The girl says it will ship that day. So, my thought is that it will arrive around the time I return home, on the 28th.

To put this in a little perspective, I ordered several online orders on 12/22, one from NY & Co., and one from Lululemon – sent to SC. Both arrive before Christmas. So delivery services seem to be operating fairly well.

I return home on 12/28 to no package from pvbody, still. Ok. So, I wait a few more days, and now it’s New Years, and it still hasn’t arrived. So, on 1/3/13 (this is now 43 days since my initial order), I email them again, and insist that they ship my package immediately or refund my money. I also shoot them a tweet and post on their facebook to let them know that I’m one unhappy customer, and then I try to call the several times throughout that day. No answer, straight to voicemail. I leave messages.

24 hours pass, with no response. I call them again, on the evening of 1/4/13, and behold! A human! I got really excited, I probably freaked out the girl that answered a little. I told her my deal and she said she’d check into it. She puts me on hold for maybe a minute, and then tells me I need to do my style quiz.  I’m like, “I already did that”, but ok, so I agree to do it over the the phone with her.  She promises (again) that it will ship out immediately. This is the third time I’ve heard this, so I’m pretty skeptical at this point.

On 1/8/13, they finally respond to my email with another stock email.

An IT glitch? Come on.

An IT glitch? Come on.


So, now it’s 1/10/13, 50-ish days after my initial order. I’m pretty much done at this point, so I go to Facebook, and tell them I would like a refund. FASTEST SERVICE EVER! I had my refund with 10 mins. After weeks of struggling to get my package, I was really expecting for it to take a while for them to get me a refund, so this was a huge relief.

Looking back, I really wish I’d been more aggressive earlier on about getting my box shipped.  I generally try to be polite to customer service folks, just because I can’t imagine how many crappy people they have to deal with on a daily basis, but I feel like I had a legitimate problem here, and no one seemed to be super interested in getting it fixed in a timely manner (with the exception of the refund). I think I’ll take my money and buy myself a new pair of Lulu shorts or something – they may be expensive, but at least I know what I’m getting into when I purchase something from them!

Sorry, that was kind of ranty, but I’m sick and grouchy, and I would really not recommend this service to anyone.

In other news, I was pouring myself a glass of milk earlier and spilled it all over the place. Really, spilled isn’t the right word. I *launched* my glass of milk all over my kitchen.

b64c6e645b7c11e290d222000a9e0851_7I had to bring out the big beach towel to try and clean it up. Whoops.

I’m definitely still recovering from being sick, so my workouts have been pretty light and few this week, but I’m still on to do the Resolution Run Half Marathon this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!



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4 Responses to The Real Deal

  1. jenchall says:

    I think this is your longest blog post ever lol. I’ve been wondering what the pvbody posts that ended up in my newsfeed were about (I’m nosy). Glad you got your refund 🙂

  2. Corey says:

    You are now the 3rd person I know to have a bad experience with this company!!! Glad you got your refund!

  3. Lauren says:

    This company seriously needs to be taken down. Did you read while googling that the creator of this company is a known scam artist and evidently had some other company that had the exact same problems as pv.body? I’m going to link this post to my post as well!

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