Rainy Week

Well, it has just rained all week here. Definitely the kind of week where you want to say in bed with a book instead of going to work.

I also missed a few runs that I had planned because I’m a wimp and pretty much hate running in the rain.  I got in 6 miles on Sunday and like 1 on the treadmill today before I just decided to go to Body Attack and call it close enough. I hate that I didn’t run much, especially since I didn’t do much last week either since I was sick, but oh well! I’m still really looking forward to heading to Charleston this weekend.

Some interesting things from this week:

My aunt stopped by last weekend on her way to Florida to drop off my cousin’s cat, Teddy. I’ve been messing with him:

snapshotThis is payback, because apparently he was not very nice when my cousin was home from Europe over Christmas. Bad Kitty!

Anyways, he’ll be here for the next few months, so I’ll obviously have to bombard instagram with cat pictures.

I went to Costco this weekend as well to pick up some essentials, and of course picked up some non-essentials as well:

IMG_20130112_182239These dark chocolate pomegranate things are really addicting. Really, really good.

IMG_20130112_182257They were also have a sale on Chobani, so I bought two, because clearly I need that much yogurt.  I really like Chobani, but I usually opt for the significantly cheaper Trader Joe’s brand, which is still pretty good, but the sale price at Costco made it worthwhile to buy a bunch. I think the sale is still on, so if you need some…

Also, my gym started a program called Team Sportsclub. They have cool shirts:

IMG_20130115_191733I love the bright green, and they’re pretty nice Brooks shirts. The point of the team is that you could meet up with other members of the gym at races and stuff (or something like that).  I figured I would join up and see how it goes, since I’m at local races pretty often anyways.

I’ve got to go pack for Charleston, so I’ll leave you with another Teddy picture



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One Response to Rainy Week

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Have fun tomorrow in the race :). I will be there too, hopefully finishing in around 1:45. I might just go with a pacer, actually. I love the new shirts and that your gym has a thing to meet up at races. My gym in Florence/Darlington did that and I still wear my shirt and get compliments on it. I love it :).

    Wish we could meet up tomorrow! Are you gonna be here all weekend?

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