Starred in Google Reader

So…I have alot of blogs my Google Reader.  HLBs, Running, Lifestyle, Random crap (like FailBlog and CuteOverload), pretty much everything. I don’t read everything every day, but I’ll usually read my favorite few, and skim through some of the other things. If I see something that catches my eye, I’ll star it to check it out later.  Most of the starred posts are recipes and workouts and such that I’ll want to pin (you know, to Pinterest) later when I’m at a computer. But it varies.

I was going to write something interesting and thought-provoking (not really), but I got busy packing for my friend’s bachlorette weekend…and then I found kitty vomit on my couch (not cool, cat!). So I had to deal that that nastiness.

So I’m just going to go through my Google Reader and see what kind of interesting things I saw this week!

-From FailBlog: (This is useful information!)

This Dramatically Changes Things

-Here’s a post from my absolute favorite blogger, The Great Fitness Experiment about sitting down to meals they way they do in France.  I don’t have a family to sit down with most days, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.  Also, it’s just kind of funny.

-An interesting story concerning the issue of walkers vs. runners.

-I honesty have no idea why I starred this post…but I like Running for Dummies!

-A tasty looking stir fry (could add chicken for extra tastiness)

-Apparently these cookies will cause face-melting drama. Only one way to find out…

-Oh yea. The Scottie Pinwheel.

-I hesitated to share this one from Thought Catalog, but the tumblr it’s referring to is just so irritating.  I shared it with one of my friends who has Celiac disease, and she felt the same way. While I agree that it would be really hard to give up gluten, and I’m thankful that I don’t have to, I know plenty of people that are really doing pretty great without.

This. If I were a man, I would do everything in my power to marry her immediately.

-Another FailBlog concerning my favorite candy:

Direct Marketing At Its Finest

-Oh yea, um, this happened at Rose-Hulman. Probably, I could find out who that was.

Oh, also GearBuzz is having a sale (40% off) on the Personal Saver running/biking pepper spray. Not a bad idea if you run by yourself.

Any other good things to share?


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  1. Good to know about the Starbucks cup;)

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