Eating on the Road

So, let’s be real. It’s really hard to eat healthy all the time (well, most of the time).  It’s even harder when you’re travelling since you don’t have your handy fridge full of fruits and veggies to keep you occupied all day.

Now, when you’re on vacation, it’s not as big of a deal because, well, it’s vacation, and you have to enjoy things a little, right? But when you’re travelling for business, this becomes a problem.  All of a sudden, every meal is a meal out and it’s getting paid for, so you can pretty much have whatever (within reason, of course). You don’t want your business trip to turn into an eat-fest, so what do you do?

X ALL THE THINGS - Eat all the food

I’m no nutritionist, but I do travel a good bit for work, so here’s some tips I’ve found to be helpful when travelling.

1. Pack some snacks.  This is generally not a problem whether you’re flying or driving. I generally pack things like granola bars, crackers, apples, baby carrots, maybe bananas (if I’m driving), dried fruit, etc.  This is helpful so you don’t have to act like you don’t know when you’re next meal is coming and be totally starving by the time you reach your next mealtime.

2. Bring an empty water bottle.  I also usually bring something to flavor the water if I have to fill up where the water is kinda nasty. It really helps to stay hydrated when you’re on the road.

3. Eat a good breakfast.  This is pretty easy if you’re staying at a chain hotel since you options, but if you have to go the fast food route this is a little more difficult.   A lot of fast food chains have fruit cups now and an Egg McMuffin isn’t a terrible option.  It’s better than nothing, for sure!

4. Don’t totally fill up on appetizers and bread.  This is really easy to do (and a bad habit of mine), but you can’t enjoy your meal if you’re totally stuffed yourself with appetizers.  I try to only eat the bread if it’s really tasty (like awesome southern cornbread).

5. Don’t overdo it on the alcohol.  You want to do this for professional reasons anyways; no getting wasted on a business trip!  But it’s ok to have a drink or two. Just remember that it’s full of pretty much empty (but awesome) calories.

6. Don’t feel like you have to clean your plate. Probably, you’ve had appetizers, drinks, and restaurant meals are huge anyways.  That’s a lot of food. Don’t eat all that. Just don’t. If you can pack a doggie bag, do that.

7. Save a little room for dessert =)  We usually split a dessert or two among the table so we can enjoy some dessert without really overdoing it.  They are delicious and almost always worth it!

Any other tips for eating healthy on the road?


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4 Responses to Eating on the Road

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I like your tips, especially the one on the bread. The bread expands in my tummy so you don’t always realize you’ve filled up on it until it’s too late. I try to just stick with one piece, but man do I love some good bread. I guess it’s being a runner and loving carbs!

  2. Wow these are some great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us;. I have always found that eating on the road is a lot harder than eating at home, but it is doable. You just gotta do it 🙂

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