Reedy River Run Race Recap

Say that title 10 times fast!

Anyways, yesterday I ran the Reedy River 10K.  As I’ve mentioned, this was kind of a redemption race for me because I ran it last year and really didn’t feel like I put forth by best effort, and finished in 1:09. My goal for this race was to finish in under an hour, but I thought I was capable of running 55 mins if I brought my A game.

Meredith and I were planning on running together again, but she picked up a little cold earlier last week (sucks!), so we made plans to run together as long as possible, and if we got split up we would meet up at the finish line.  Since it’s a local race and not too huge, it made things pretty low stress.

I also love local races because it’s easy to get there without having to get up ridiculously early and find parking.  We were able to find good parking in a garage just a block away from the start line (like we could see it from the car), so we sat in our car until a few minutes from the start time.  This was especially good because it was…snowing. It wasn’t even nice snow, it was wet, sloppy snow. Yuck. It was pretty chilly. Luckily the snow stopped pretty soon after we went outside.

I started my watch about a minute late (it wasn’t ready), so my splits weren’t exact, but we started out around a 9:15 pace.  The first few miles of the race are flat/downhill so they were pretty easy and strong.  Meredith’s shoe came untied somewhere around mile 2, so I lost her at that point, but she said she was very close behind me for another mile and a half or so.  Around mile 3, I still felt pretty strong, so I really started to push my pace, around 8:45.  Most of miles 3-4.5 were in Cleveland Park which is a pretty flat area, so that wasn’t too bad.

Then, there was the last mile.  This is where I really lost it last year.  It’s mostly uphill, with a great big hill up to Main Street at the very end.  This year I knew what to expect, though those hills sure seemed a lot bigger last year! Still, they were pretty tough, but I was determined to finish strong.  I kept pushing hard up the hills, but I was definitely getting tired!  By the time I got to the last hill before the finish, I was really hurting.  I got about halfway up and my legs started to go numb.  Isn’t that a weird feeling? I think so now, but it really sucked then. But I hung in there and finished as strong as I could.

Time? 55:06! YAY!

I’m really excited.  While I thought that 55 mins was in the realm of possibilities, I really thought that I would run closer to 58-59 mins.  The last few weeks I’ve been slacking a a bit on my weekday runs (the speedwork), and my long runs on the weekends have not been fast. I’ve been going to Body Attack regularly, which helps, but it’s not the same as a few hilly tempo miles.  I guess the hard runs I put in during early February paid off. Meredith’s cold slowed her down a bit, but she still finished strong! Hopefully she’ll be feeling even better by our half marathon next weekend!

After the race, we walked around for a bit, then headed over to Lululemon to shop for a bit. I didn’t buy anything, but I did try a pair of the Groove Run shorts on, which are a little longer than the other shorts I’d been buying, and they were very comfortable. After that, we headed over to the Brick Street Cafe to have an early lunch with Katie! I’d heard good things about the place, but I’d never been there before. We had some veggie quiche and tomato dill soup. It was very good, and the atmosphere is really cute.  It would be a great place for a baby or bridal shower, and I think there was an event going on while we were there.

I did not take one picture yesterday morning, so…oh well. I was busy enjoying myself. I did get a picture of the cake I ordered to-go from Brick Street Cafe.

PF Celebration Cake!

PF Celebration Cake!

We asked the waitress about the most popular cake, and she recommended this sweet potato cake, and yea, it was good. I also picked some of my favorite candy yesterday:

IMG_20130302_181331Sorry, blurry.  Have I mentioned that Easter candy is my favorite?  Everything is so good! Robin Eggs, Mini Eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs…OMGS. Obviously, Easter is important to me for a different reason, but I definitely take the opportunity to enjoy the best candy available all year!

So, anyone else have any big PRs this weekend? Any exciting races coming up?



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6 Responses to Reedy River Run Race Recap

  1. Katie says:

    Way to go!!! You are really killing it lately. Its so inspiring to see you crush your goals. How was your cake?? The coconut one was delish and I also had mini cadbury eggs yestersay, Easter candy is the best!

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    No race for me this weekend, but I ran 10 with the TrySports ambassador team yesterday. I’m glad you PRed and you did REALLY well compared to last year, I mean that’s almost 14 minutes and a 55 minute 10K is no joke, especially with hills and a tough last mile. That cake looks like a great post-run treat too!

  3. kilax says:

    Yay! Congrats!!!

  4. Corey says:

    YES! The sweet potato cake from Brick Street is TO DIE FOR. OMG, seriously. Congrats on a PR. That was my 10K pr course until just recently. I LOVE that race, but have missed it the last 2 years!

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