Four Reasons to Give Group X a Try

This is my 100th post, hooray!

Anyways, I totally love Group Fitness. The first class I ever tried was a spin class back in 2011 that a friend dragged me to, but it’s kind of grown on me (just a little). That spin class turned into Body Combat, then Body Pump…then all of a sudden there were SO MANY CLASSES! I’ve pretty much tried everything the Sportsclub has to offer in terms of Group Fitness, except Aqua Fitness because there ain’t no way. Sorry. I’ve watched some aqua fitness while I was swimming though, and I see the appeal. Anyways, there are tons of options, and most gyms have at least a few to choose from. Here are some reasons why you should consider them:

1. They are fun! Seriously! It really helps if you feel like exercise is a chore because you can find something that’s a good fit for you. Maybe a high-intensity cardio class, a low-key yoga  or pilates class, weights, swimming, dance…yea, pretty much anything.  Find something that you really like to do and you’ll start looking forward to heading to the gym.

2. Accountability.  It’s a lot harder to slack off when you’re with a room full of people.  This is particularly helpful (for me) for high-intensity intervals, which I generally hate. But put me in a room and I won’t want to slack off and look like a dummy, though really no one is watching you that closely. It really helps me work harder.

3. Keeps form in check.  While the instructor isn’t watching you that closely, if you’re way off on your form with something, they’ll generally come correct you, or at least cue the correct form.  This is nice if you don’t know what you’re doing (like I didn’t), then you can take moves into your own workouts if you prefer that.

4. Great cross-training. If you’re very sport-focused, classes are a good way to cross train during training, or during the off-season.  I can definitely say that Body Attack has had a significant effect on my running speed and general fitness, and spinning is a really good low impact option for runners. Plus it’s just a nice mental break from the usual stuff =)

What’s your favorite class, if you have one?


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2 Responses to Four Reasons to Give Group X a Try

  1. kilax says:

    I love my group strength class (so much that I started teaching) and kickboxing too! Such a fun vibe in group classes!

  2. What I miss most about not having a gym. I quit because I was only going 1x a week – is my spin class. Love the music, loved the people, loved the push it gave me.

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