Many for Friday

Hooray for Friday! I am so relieved. I started this post with 5 things, but it kinda morphed into more, so we got Many things for Friday.

1.  Tomorrow is the GHS Half Marathon! I still haven’t gone and picked up my packet, so I guess I’ll do it in the morning. This should be a good race: net downhill, good weather:

Screenshot_2013-03-08-05-18-00Hooray! The race starts early (7:30), so we’ll be heading out at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow.

2. My car…oh goodness. I was driving it back from Atlanta a few weekends ago when the check engine light came on. I had just gotten gas, so we figured it was because I hadn’t gotten the gas cap on tight enough. I tightened it and it went out the next morning. My dad said it was probably nothing, but if it came back on, I should probably take it to the dealer. Well, on Tuesday, it not only came back on, but the traction control system on my car also got all messed up, and because it’s an electronic system, it intentionally reduced the power to my engine…which meant I was driving home from work at like 45 mph. It was awful.  So, I took it in the next morning, and we find that my throttle body is broke. BOO. It was going to be at least an hour to fix, so I called a friend (awesome, amazing friend) to come get me…and then I got dressed for running and ran back when they called. Really, it was only like a mile and a half. So, I get my car and head to work, and when I get near, the check engine light comes back on! WTF!!! So, I’m pretty angry at this point because I just gave them a bunch of my money to fix my car, which it is obviously not. I bring it back to the dealer after work, and after yet another hour of waiting, I come to find out that the “new” part that they put on was in worse condition than the original, so they put the old one back one. Ug. So, they order a part, and tell me to bring it back Thursday afternoon, and they’ll give me a loaner and fix it Friday while I’m at work for free. Ok. Fair enough. So, we do that, and they give me this thing:


It had new car smell and everything…but it drove like a boat. I was so glad to have my car back. It seems to be right this time.

3. I finally dragged myself to yoga on Thursday night. About a month ago, I bought a 4 pass livingsocial voucher for Greenville Yoga for like $10, which is a really good deal. I really needed some stretching out because my hips and calves were feeling really tight and sore, so I did a Mindful Flow class after my run on Thursday, and I feel much better. I really need to start going at least once a month, it’s just a pain.

4. This cat is crazy!


He was totally losing his mind here. Usually he’s all like:

feed me

5.  Game of Thrones starts in a few weeks. I cancelled my cable. How am I going to watch Game of Thrones???

6. So, funny story. It’s a work story, which I usually try to stay away from on the blog, but it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help myself. I was setting up for a presentation earlier this afternoon, and my boss walks in, maybe 5 minutes before we’re supposed to star. He’s grinning, and he tells me to follow him because he’s got something to show me. Oh, Lord. So, I follow him outside and we walk down the sidewalk, and the surprise?

He found a snake. It was just a little bitty one, maybe 6 inches long, just chillin’ on the sidewalk. I was like “oooh, a snake! How cute!” I kinda like snakes, at least ones that aren’t dangerous. He’s all grinning, so I reach down and try to pick it up, but it squirms away. He told me, “I like to see people’s reactions for this!” Oh, brother.

7. Since I missed my planned run on Wednesday due to hanging at the GM Dealer all day, I headed to the pool.  I’ve not been swimming much since the pool availability in the winter is terrible, but I got a decent workout in, and I really want to to focus on getting in at least once a week.

  • 300 Swim
  • 200 Kick
  • 4×75 Pull
  • 200 Drill
  • 4X50 Build to Sprint
  • 3×200 Free
  • 4×50 Back
  • 2×150 Free
  • 4×50 Back
  • 2×100 Free
  • 4×50 Back
  • 200 Warrm Down

8. I just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada. I read the book a few months ago, and I really liked it. I know, I’m way behind the times.  I don’t think I liked the ending of the movie as much, but it was good even still

And with that, it’s bedtime!


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2 Responses to Many for Friday

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Once a month? Girly, I dunno how you run long distances without yoga! I go like once a week or either I feel off, my hips get tight, and I get slower and sore, not fun at all. I’m glad you used the voucher though, those Living Social and Groupon deals are great for things like yoga.

    Good luck with the race tomorrow- it is a great temperature and time of year for a half marathon, before it gets too hot!

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