And Then Cake Happened

But it was delicious, amazing cake, so that’s ok right? Let’s go back to last weekend.

After the half marathon, I had to hustle and get ready for a “raw food potluck” with some friends.  We tend to plan all our meetups out, so we wanted to try something a little different. Even though I “live” in the blog-world, I’m really not familiar with the raw food diet.  It’s just not at all appealing to me, and turns out, it’s also alot of work. I ended up using this recipe for a fruit tart, which turned out looking like this:



Not too terrible! It tasted ok. I didn’t love it, but everyone else said they did. We had a pretty good variety of food: some veggie-only sushi rolls, apple salad, tomato soup, some homemade larabars.  Most of it was pretty good, but there are some things that just have to be cooked (ahem, tomatoes). It was definitely fun though. I can definitely say that I will probably never be a raw-foodie. WAYY too much work. Props to those who put up with it.

Since all that healthy food was killing me, I went home and had bacon and pizza.



Ok, so that’s not really why, but I did have bacon and pizza.

Then I made cake. I am so proud of this cake, because it actually *kind of* looked like the pinterest version! We threw a going away party for my old boss, and I’m the official baker, so I made the cake for the party.

IMG_20130310_161304As you can see, it’s not perfect, because I ran out of Kit-Kats, but it really turned out surprisingly well. I almost didn’t want to eat it…but I ate a whole lot of it. Plus some key lime cake. And some banana pudding…but not all on the same day. People need to quit having birthdays because all this dessert is killing me!

Also, here’s a picture of a huge bird that was in the road the other day! I wasn’t driving, I actually had to stop for the thing because it was totally in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move.



Luckily there weren’t any other cars out because it was pretty early Sunday morning. Crazy thing.

So, any more good cake ideas? Not that I really need more cake…

P.S. Happy Pi Day!



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One Response to And Then Cake Happened

  1. Mary says:

    That cake looks amazing! Great job! If it was in my house it would probably take all of an hour to devour every single crumb!

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