The long run that wasn’t

Yea, I pretty much had a running fail this weekend. I’d be upset about it, but the weather was so nice, I kind of didn’t care too much. I was pretty tired all week – I think a combination of the time change (which I’m still not used to since Indiana didn’t do DST when I was growing up) and not taking enough rest after the half marathon last weekend. I decided to go ahead and get back on my marathon training plan with 16 mile run this weekend. So, I headed out Saturday to get it done.

I decided I didn’t really want to drive anywhere to run, so I just took off from my apartment and planned to do an out-and-back to somewhere. The weather was really, really nice, so I enjoyed being outside, but I was so dang tired! I got about 6 good miles in before I really started feeling bad. My calves and shins and hips and freaking everything hurt! I did 2 more miles before I decided to give up and head home. I hate giving up like that, but it just wasn’t happening.  I had to walk about 3 miles home, but it was nice to just enjoy the good weather, so I didn’t mind too much. It was pretty disheartening though, especially since I only have a few more long runs left before Nashville RnR. I guess we’ll see.

So, small rant. There is a big running/biking/active community in Greenville, so it would make sense for there to be plenty of sidewalks and trails to use. On the way home from my run, I found this bus stop.

IMG_20130316_095302It’s kind of just in the middle of the grass. If you look down the road:

IMG_20130316_0953112There is a sidewalk, but it just…ends. There’s no obvious reason as to why it should have ended there, and it’s like half a block away from where the bus stop actually is. What the crap, Greenville? I see stuff like this all over town: bus stops with no access sidewalks, sidewalks that lead to nowhere, sidewalks that are like 10 yards long. It makes no sense. Dear Greenville, please stop this madness.

Anyways, after my failure of a run, I had some plans to meet up with some people for olive oil tasting.  There was a Dealchicken for Palmetto Oil a few weeks ago, and I’d never been, so I got one. I’m glad I did.


I’m pretty unfamiliar with good olive oil…I mean, I just buy the cheap stuff at Trader Joe’s, so this was pretty neat to me.

PicMonkey CollageThey had a variety of EVOOs of various “robustness”, which I came to understand basically means how high the phenolic composition is. While I certainly know what a phenol is, I’m not sure how it figures into olive oil, but I could definitely taste the difference between the milder versions and the stronger ones. They also had a variety of flavored oils and white and dark balsamic vinegars. Apparently this is common, but they gave us ice cream to try the dark balsamic vinegar. I’d never heard of that before, but it was pretty good, especially the fruit flavors. I ended up buying some EVOO (of the Hojiblanca variety) and some white truffle infused oil.

IMG_20130316_160556I wouldn’t have normally bought the truffle oil since it’s expensive, but the deal made it worthwhile. It’s very good, and I can think of a lot of good uses for it.

Afterwards, we decided to go to The Local Taco for a late lunch. I think it’s fairly new to Greenville, but it’s a small chain (like 4 locations in the south) focused on using local ingredients.


The food was tex-mex style, sort of. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was really good.  I was also pretty impressed by the drink menu.


Normally this wouldn’t be noteworthy, but I thought it was neat because it was made with the peach moonshine that’s distilled at Dark Corner in downtown Greenville. Anyways, it was good.

I’m kinda glad that I did at least a semblance of a long run on Saturday since I ended up staying out late at a St. Patty’s Day party =)

Even still I woke up around 8, so I decided to finish off the last 6 miles of my long run from the day before. I was still pretty tired, but I felt better so I did it as sort of a tempo run with the middle 3 miles faster. It was ok. I’ll definitely be taking tomorrow off.

Anyways, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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8 Responses to The long run that wasn’t

  1. Sorry your run didn’t go as planned. Some runs are just like that. I have yet to figure out why some runs are fabulous and some are so horrid.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    Our sidewalks here can be kinda weird too. They’re doing a bunch of construction and stuff, so the sidewalk ends and it’s a big mud hole or something, LOL. It will be nice once it’s complete, at least.

    I love Tex Mex style food and tacos in general. I like that style of Mexican better than the really tomato-ish one I was used to in college and before moving down here.

    Olive Oil tasting? Haven’t heard of that but it looks like you had fun. I generally just buy the cheaper stuff too hehe.

  3. Our roads here are pretty much like that too. No sidewalks or they’re short. My husband and I tried running but never did it again. We were so scared of the incoming cars. So no sidewalks no run for us. We just go to the trails to be safe.

    The Olive Oil tasting looks fun. I didn’ t know there is such thing. 🙂

  4. Steph! I didn’t know you had a blog!

    I saw your comment on ours and clicked over without realizing it was you. About halfway down your About Me I saw Rose and it clicked!

  5. Corey says:

    The Olive Oil place and Local Taco are right by my house!! We love the olive oil (and tastings) from there!

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