Vacation Exercise

Hello, internet! I’m back!

I’ve been on vacation the last week.  My family came all the way from Indiana to visit and we all headed to Seabrook Island for the week.  We went last year, and it was fantastic, and I laid on the beach with a book for a week. This year…it was not beach weather.

Oh well. Since it was too cold to relax on the beach, I took advantage of the cooler weather to get my marathon training runs in.  Normally on vacation I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but I feel like I’m way behind on my training…and there wasn’t much else to do.

Since my 16 mile run the week before was a fail, I planned to go for 17 and not worry too much about pace. I ended up having to push the run back to Monday because of some bad weather, but it was nice to have the extra rest day.  I ended up doing almost 18 miles since the terrain was flat (also, I got lost on Kiawah Island, oops) and it was significantly better than my last long run.  It was really, really windy, so I tried out my new arm warmer


Blurry Arm Warmers

I know everyone raves about these (that’s why I bought them), but they were really great. They didn’t slide off at all, which is a big plus.  They kept me warm when the wind was blowing really hard, but I didn’t totally overheat when I was out in the sun. So, yea, I can see why everyone likes them.  I also did a 4 mile fast run and 6 miles easy.

I feel like there’s a lot of differing opinions on whether you should exercise on vacation or not. Honestly, I think you should just do whatever you like! That’s kind of the point of vacation.  My family generally likes to be active: my mom power-walks every day, my dad is a runner, and my sister is a super athlete so it would be weird for us to just lounge around for 7 days straight.  The only person who did was my sister, but she just finished her swimming season (by swimming relays at NCAA D3 nationals, WOO!), so who can blame her? But we rode bikes (leisurely) around the island, went on walks, flew kites on the beach (and got in some runs, of course). This is what we like.  Also, I ate my weight in cookies, so I kind of needed it. But if exercise is a chore for you…eh, that’s ok. Don’t feel bad.

PicMonkey Collage

Anyways, the not so great weather gave me a chance to practice my BodyStep choreography.  One of my goals for this year was to learn to teach a group fitness class, and I’ve been working with a friend that teaches already at the Sportsclub to do it.  To go to the LesMills training you have to be recommended by a gym and since the Sportsclub has so many programs the cost of the training is *significantly* discounted. So, I’m supposed to learn the first four tracks of a BodyStep program and then do a kind of audition for the program director at the gym.  They made it sound like I just needed to show that I could learn choreography and cue. Fairly simple, I guess.  Learning to cue is hard. I’m working off of the newest release (91), which the instructors at the club are getting ready to launch, so my friend has been nice enough to come practice with me since I would feel super dumb practicing by myself. I still need some practice, so if you’d like to learn some Step… 😉

Bad to running, I tried to do 20 miles on Sunday after we returned from the beach. It wasn’t pretty and I didn’t finish.  I was feeling a little better about the state of my marathon training after my 18-miler last week, but this was entirely discouraging.  There was a chance for thunderstorms on Sunday so I wanted to stay fairly close to my car. I picked a loop that was a little hilly, but I figured it would be ok.

Fullscreen capture 422013 75914 PMNot ok.  My legs really felt pretty good, not too tired, but it was really humid outside.  Also, I stayed out really late Saturday night with some friends, which was silly (but worth it). I got to 13 miles and just didn’t want to do any more. At all. My heart just wasn’t in it. So I went home for a few hours, then went back out to finish it off, when it started raining…and at that point I just decided to call it a day. I managed to get 4 more miles in, for a total of 17. I was pretty disappointed, but as long as I can get in a good long run next weekend, I should be ok. I’m definitely staying in next Saturday night!

Am I getting burned out? I don’t think so, but I’ve taken a few days off running to see if that helps. Any tips?



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6 Responses to Vacation Exercise

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I also ran on my vacation. I didn’t run every day, but I probably ran 4 of the 7 days which is about what I usually run (usually 5x a week). Like your family, my husband and I both have pretty active lifestyles so we knew we would work out or be active each day on our vacation anyway.

    Good luck with taking a few days off, you may just need it- you are awhile out from the full anyway. I’m looking to do my first full in September so I’m paying a lot more attention to people’s full marathon posts these days… I really think an extra day or so off does way more good than harm even if you miss a run.

  2. jenchall says:

    You can attempt to teach me step! If you’re successful you’ll know that you can teach anyone cuz I’m a mess lol 🙂

  3. kilax says:

    Love that your family is so active on vacay! 🙂 And what a great 18! I can understand feeling meh about the second one. I usually get that way at the end of training for anything.

    Good luck learning the LesMills stuff! I have a friend who used to do that and she said it was challenging!

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