To Run or Not?

Updated: So, I was really, really busy at work today and didn’t look at my facebook until just before I got ready to post it. There were all these posts about a tragedy at Boston and I was like WTF?? Jump onto Google News….

Wow. I feel like there is no good way to address a tragedy as a blogger, but this is some sad news. I checked through my Facebook feed for my old college friends who I knew were there and found that they were safe (thank goodness!), but my prayers go out to those who were affected.


So, Nashville. The Country Music Marathon. I let myself get talked into this race by some friends and up until mid-March (when I ran the GHS Half), training had been going fairly well. The last few weeks…not so much.

Then, I find out today that the friends that I was going with are both having to DNS because of some pretty serious injuries.  They offered to pay their part of the hotel, which was really nice.

But now…I have an option that I’d already been considering after the last few runs were not so stellar. Not running the marathon.

Now I’ve really let myself get half-talked out of this race. I really kind of don’t want to run. But I also don’t want to have wasted my $85 entry fee. But it will also cost a good bit of money to go (gas, hotels, food).

So, I’m torn. I know that if I go, I’ll probably have a good time and enjoy the race. If I stay, I’ll probably also have a good weekend (I was planning to take Friday off, and I probably still will).  But I’m dreading that run just enough that I’m ready to say “Forget it!”. Last week was totally exhausting because of some pretty sad/stressful stuff going on in my life and I kind of just want to crawl into bed and sleep for 3 days. Plus I still have that little niggling pain in my right butt-cheek that hurts just enough to worry me.

Sorry, this was very rambling. Probably I should throw all my pros and cons out on the table and figure it out. Any advice? =)


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One Response to To Run or Not?

  1. trueindigo says:

    Getting all of your thoughts out can only help you make the decision that is right for you. It is never an easy choice and hard work.

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