Pulling it Together

Hey ya’ll! Sorry for the whiny last post. I was feeling a lot of confusing emotions from the last two weeks of life and got a little crazy.

My reasoning is somewhat sound, though. I don’t feel like I’m as mentally prepared for this race as I was for the Spinx, though I’m probably in better physical shape (in general). As long as I can get my hip and butt stretched out really well, I’ll probably have a good race and most certainly PR. I just need to pull my head together.

Anyways, I think at this point I will go.  My old running buddy (from Disney!) said she wants to go with me, which made me feel really good because it will be just like our Disney adventure! She is the best! So, unless I feel like there is something really wrong pain-wise on my long run this weekend, I’m going to go for it.

So, some other things that I’ve been up to. I did my Body Step “audition” for the program director last week. It went pretty well! She said I did a good job considering I haven’t yet had any training at all, and while I certainly have some things to work on, a lot of it would be covered in training. So at this point, it looks like the next step would be to head to training when I can and go from there.

I also went on an easy hike with some work friends this past weekend. We were going to go to Rainbow Falls, which is in Jones Gap Park, but when we got there, the park was full, so the park ranger recommended we go to Raven Cliff Falls instead. It should have been about a 20 minute drive over to Caesar’s Head, but we ran into…

Bikes everywhere!

Bikes everywhere!

There was some sort of bike race/event going on up the road to Caesar’s Head. And by up, I mean UP. These people have got to be totally nuts.  It was like a 7 mile drive up this mountain and it’s hard for cars to get up it! And there were hundreds of them, seriously. Anyways, it was really frustrating because there were no signs or anything warning up that they were there and it took us over an hour to get to the top. And the car we were in was a stick shift, so driving up a mountainous, winding road while watching out for cars and cyclists was interesting. So…to the race directors…signage at the bottom of the mountain would be appropriate!

Anyways, we finally made it, and we decided to take the Raven Cliff Falls overlook hike since it was supposed to be fairly short and easy, which it was. The view was nice.


IMG_20130413_115619I love that I live close enough to head out to the mountains whenever. I definitely don’t go enough. It’s so beautiful.

The only bad thing? Ug, the pollen. I couldn’t hardly breathe for the next day afterward because of it. Itchy eyes, sneezing, all of it. It definitely affected my run the next day, which is part of the reason why I was feeling so down about that run.

I ran 16 miles on Sunday, and it wasn’t…terrible.  My legs were tired starting out, which wasn’t surprising since I was coming off my last hard week before taper. It started out pretty good, but I had to walk most of the last 2 miles because the pain in my hip came back, which was really irritating.  I need to be more diligent about stretching and foam rolling for the next 10 days.  Anyways, being tired and the worrisome pain definitely had me feeling unprepared about the race next weekend, so I definitely need a confidence booster!

Here’s to a good rest of the week!


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2 Responses to Pulling it Together

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Good luck with the race! It sounds to me like you’re prepared, I just think you are nervous. Have fun with it and just enjoy it, be thankful you can be there you know, so many people can’t. And good luck since it’s your first race after the Boston bombings because I think my first race after that (this afternoon) is going to have some sort of sentimental value too.

  2. So glad you decided to go and really glad that you found someone to go with. I am really excited, but terrified about the hills. My logic, this will make our flat SC marathons look way better in the future. Woohoo! 9 days!

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